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community based practice setting

Early intervention programs acceptance criteria for an early intervention evaluation are based on "at risk" status of the infant/child
Schools Acceptance criteria for OT services as a related service in an educational setting
Supported education programs Adolescents or adults who require intervention to develop skills that are needed to succeed in secondary and/or post-secondary education
Prevocational programs Participants criteria include adolescents or adults who require intervention to develop skills that are prerequisite to work
Vocational programs Acceptance is for development of specific vocational skills
Residential programs Admission is for developmental, medical or psychiatric condition that has resulted in functional deficits that impede independent living but are not severe enough to require hospitalization
Partial hospitalization/Day hospital Admission is for medical or psychiatric condition that has been sufficiently stabilized to enable an individual to be discharge home or to a community center; however, the individual has symptoms remaining which require active treatment
Clunhouse Programs Membership is open to adults and elders with current mental illness or a history of mental illness
Adult DAy CAre Admission is for adults and elders with chronic physical and/or psychosocial impairments, and/or for individuals who are frail but semi-independent
Outpatient/ambulatory care Admission is for medical or psychiatric condition that is not serious enough to warrant hospitalization or for a condition that has sufficiently stabilized to enable the individual to be discharged from hospital but has remaining symptoms
home health care
Hospice Terminal illness that has a life expectancy of 6 months or less
case management programs Clinical: provides individualized support and intervention to a client with a serious illness which limits the ability to access community services Administrative: connects a person with a serious illness to the appropriate and needed community service
wellness and prevention programs acceptance is most often by individuals self-referral to meet a personal need or by an institution to its members or employees
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