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Pediatric - Reflexes

Overview of the Most important reflexes (Integration Age, Stimulus & Response

Rooting 3 mo. -Stroke the corner of the mouth,upper lip & lower lip - Movement of the tongue, mouth &/or head towards the stimulus
Suck-Swallow 2-5 mo. -Place examiner's index finger inside infants mouth with head in midline -Strong, rhytmical sucking
Traction 2-5 mo. -Grasp infant's forearms & pull-to-sit -Complete flexion of upper extremities
Moro 4-6 mo. -Rapidly drop infant's head forward -First phase: arm extension/abd, hand opening. Second phase: arm flexion and add
Plantar Grasp 9 mo. -Apply pressure with thumb on the infant's ball of the foot -Toe flexion
Galant 2 mo. -Hold infant in prone suspension, gently scratch or tap alongside the spine with fingers, from shoulder to buttocks -Lateral Trunk flexion & wrinkling of the skin on the stimulated side
Asymetric Tonic Neck 4-6 mo. -Fully rotate infant's head & hold for 5 sec -Extension of the extremities on the face side, flexion of extemities on the skull side
Palmar Grasp 4-6 mo. -Place examiner's finger in infant's palm -Finger flexion, reflexive grasp
Landau 12-24 mo. -Hold infant in horizontal prone suspension -Complete extenxion of head, trunk & extremities
Symmetric Tonic Neck 8-12 mo. -Place infant in the crawling position & extend the head Response: flexion of the hips and knees -Flexion of hips & knees
Neck Righting 5 years -Place infant in supine and fully turn head to one side Whole log rolling -Log rolling of the entire body to maintain alignment with the head
Body Righting 5 years -Place infant in supine, flex one hip and knee toward the chest and hold briefly Body follows by segmentally roling -Segmental rolling of the upper trunk to maintain alignment
Downward Parachute 4months-Persist -Rapidly lower infant toward supporting surface while suspended vertically -Extension of the lower extremities
Forward Parachute 6months- Persist -Suddenly tip infant forward toward supporting surface while vertically suspended -Sudden extension of the upper extremities, hand opening and neck extension
Sideward Parachute 7 months- Persist -Quickly but firmly tip infant off-balance to the side while in the sitting position -Arm extension and abd to the side
Backward Parachute 9 months-Persist -Quickly but firmly tip infant off-balance backward -Backward arm extension or arm extension to one side
Prone Tilting 5 months- Persist -After positioning infant in prone, slowly raise one side of the supporting surface -Curving of the spine toward the raised side (opposite to the pull of gravity); abduction/extension of arms and legs
Supine Tilting 7 months- Persist
Quadruped Tilting 9 months- Persist
Standing Tilting 12 months- Persist
Created by: yary317
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