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History Ch. 19

Quiz study stack

Astrology The confused idea that the stars, rather than God, rule the destinies of men.
Greek philosopher who was highly admired by Middle Age scholasticism. Aristotle
Who discovered the three laws of planetary motion? Johannes Kepler
What is called the language of science? Mathematics
The English philosopher who played an important role in developing the scientific method. Francis Bacon
Physics is the basic science of matter and ___________. energy
Who proposed the sun-centered, or heliocentric, view of the universe? Nicolaus Copernicus
Who discovered the universal law of gravitation? Isaac Newton
Who invented the reaper? Cyrus McCormick
18th century Scottish economist Adam Smith
Who wrote "Descent of Man"? Charles Darwin
Who invented the seed drill? Jethro Tull
Who invented the steel plow? John Deere ( Duh, right? ;) )
The principle of uniformity states that the ________________ is the key to the past. present
Charles Darwin published a book called _______________________ in 1859. "The Origin of Species"
The Industrial Revolution helped ___________ take the lead in industrialization. England
The _____________ system produced goods in small private shops. domestic
Real wages increased in England during the age of ________________. industry
England's Industrial Revolution began in the ___________ factories. textile
Who wrote the book on philanthropy called "The Gospel of Wealth"? Andrew Carnegie
Who praised a free market system in his book, "The Wealth of Nations"? Adam Smith
Perfected the electric telegraph Samuel Morse
Developed a steel-making process Henry Bessemer
Invented the incandescent electric light bulb Thomas Edison
Invented the cotton gin Eli Whitney
Produced the Model T Henry Ford ( Duh, right? ;o )
Developed the steam engine James Watt
Built the steamship Clarmont Robert Fulton
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