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Chapter twenty-two*


The essential organs of the male reproductive system are the ___. testes
The pouch-like sac where the male gonads are located is called the ___. scrotum
The membrane that covers the testis and also divides the interior into lobes is called the ___. tunica albuginea
The ___ is a long duct in the testis where sperm develop. seminiferous tubule
The ___ are the cells in the testes that secrete testosterone. interstitial cells
The primary spermatocyte develops from a cell called the ___. spermatogonium
The primary spermatocyte forms sperm cells by undergoing a type of cell division called ___. meiosis
The sperm cell contains an ___, which contains an enzyme that can digest the covering of the ovum. acrosome
The ___ is a reproductive duct that consists of a tightly coiled tube that lies along the top and behind the testis. epididymis
The ___ is a reproductive duct that permits the sperm to move out of the scrotum upward into the abdominal cavity. ductus deferens
The ___ is a gland that secretes a thin, milk-colored fluid that makes up about 30% of the seminal fluid. prostate
The ___ are a pair of glands that produce a thick, yellowish, fructose-rich fluid that makes up about 60% of the seminal fluid. seminal vessicles
The penis is composed of three columns of erectile tissue: one is called the corpus spongiosum, and the other two are called the ___. corpora cavernosa
The essential organs of the female reproductive system are the ___. ovaries
Another name for a mature ovarian follicle is a ___ follicle. graafian
The process that produces the female gamete is called ___. oogenesis
Meiosis in the female produces one large ovum and three small daughter cells called ___, which degenerate. polar bodies
The ___ are reproductive tubes connecting the ovary and the uterus. uterine tubes
The muscle layer of the uterus is called the ___. myometrium
The uterus is composed of two parts: the upper part, called the body, and the narrow lower part, called the ___. cervix
The innermost layer of the uterus, which is shed during menstruation, is called the ___. endometrium
The ___ is the part of the female reproductive system that opens to the exterior. vagina
The ___ glands are glands that secrete a mucus-like fluid into the vestibule. Bartholin
The milk-secreting glandular cells of the breast are arranged in grape-like structures called ___. These drain into ___ ducts that converge toward the nipple. alveoli;lactiferous
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