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Chapter eighteen 18


The process of ___ occurs when food molecules enter the cell and undergo chemical change. assimilation
___ is the term used to describe all the chemical processes that release energy from food. catabolism
___ is the term used to describe all the chemical processes that build food molecules into larger compounds. anabolism
The plasm proteins ___ and ___ are made in the liver and are important in blood clot formation. Prothrombin;fibrinogen
The vitamins ___ and ___ can be stored in the liver. A;D
The B vitamins are ___ soluble, whereas vitamins K and E are ___ soluble. water;fat
___ is the total amount of energy used by the body per day. Total metabolic rate
___ is the number of calories that must be used just to keep the body alive, awake, and comfortably warm. Basal metabolic rate
In order to lose weight, your total caloric intake must be less than your ___. Total metabolic rate
One way heat can be lost by the skin is ___, which is the absorption of heat by water (sweat) vaporization. evaporation
___ is the process used by the body as the second choice of energy metabolism. Fat metabolism
In the healthy body, ___ is used almost exclusively for anabolism rather than catabolism. protein
___ are amino acids needed by the body, but they can be made from other amino acids if they are not supplied directly by the diet. Non-essential amino acids
One way heat can be lost by the skin is ___, which is the transfer of heat to the air that is continually flowing away from the skin. convection
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