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ST210 T3

Liz ST210 T3 over Standards of Conduct

1. An intentional act intended to make another person fearful Assault
2. The Pt is scheduled for an appendectomy. After completing this procedure the surgeon decides to remove a mole from the shoulder while the Pt is still under anesthesia. No permission was obtained for this. The circulator should Report it to the supervisor or proper administrative authority
3. The surgical consent form can be witnessed by each of the following EXCEPT The Pt's spouse (Surgeon, Nurse, Authorized hospital employee are)
4. The Pt is pre-medicated and brought to the OR for a Cystoscopy and an open reduction of the wrist. Upon arrival in the OR, it is observed that the Pt has only signed for the cystoscopy. The correct procedure would be to Cancel surgery until a valid permission can be obtained
5. A general consent form A form authorizing all Txs or procedures
6. The ultimate responsibility for obtaining consent lies with the Surgeon
7. The surgical consent is signed Before administration of preoperative medications
8. A cardiac arrest occurs during a procedure, and the surgeon is resuscitating the Pt. What is the responsibility of the STSR during this time Remain sterile and maintain the sterile field
9. An intentional, nonconsensual touching Battery
10. Professional misconduct that results in harm to another, negligence of a professional Malpractice
11. "Let the master answer" is an idea that the employer is responsible for the actions of his/her employees Respondeat superior
12. Being impartial and accepting of a Pt's culture, religion, beliefs, and decisions is an affective behavior called Being nonjudgmental
13. An example of an unintentional tort is Foreign bodies left in a Pt
14. Place the 5 stages of Maslow's hierarchy in order from simple to complex: i. Love & belong ii. Safety iii. Self-Actualization iv. Physiological v. Self-esteem 4,2,1,5,3
15. The AST Code of Ethics includes all the following EXCEPT All of the above - Mainintaing highest standards or profess conduct & pt care, Always follow principles of asepsis, Respecting & protecting Pt's legal & moral right to quality Pt care
16. A ST sees a neighbor being admitted. How should the ST respond Do not acknowledge the neighbor unless greeted first
17. Pt safety in the OR is the responsibility of the Entire surgical team
18. Which consent would be obtained for any procedure that entails higher than normal risks Special
19. The Pt has withdrawn the general consent prior to surgery. What action should be taken Do not transport Pt
20. In which of the following situations will the Pt not be allowed to sign the consent for surgery Pt received preoperative medications
21. Under what circumstance can the Pt's hospital ID bracelet be removed Never removed
22. Of the 5 levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which is most applicable to the surgical Pt Physiological
23. A physical need is Any need or activity r/t genetics, physiology or anatomy
24. All of the following are common factors that result in surgical intervention EXCEPT Pain (Genetic malformation, Trauma, and Ds are)
25. Cardiac death is when The irreversible loss of cardiac and respiratory function
26. Of the 5 Stages of Grief, what is the initial stage Denial
27. A Pt who is suffering from a Ds that is progressive and incurable Terminal death
28. If cardiac arrest occurs in the OR, who is responsible for handling artificial ventilation Anesthesiologist
29. Sudden shortness of breath in a postop Pt may be indicative of Pulmonary embolism
30. Which pulse is checked during cardiac arrest effort Carotid
31. An anesthetic complication characterized by progressive elevation of body temp is known as Malignant Hyperthermia
32. Dark blood in the operative field may indicate that the Pt is Hypoxic
33. The first and most important step for successful resuscitation in cardiac arrest is Immediate opening of the airway
34. The responsibility of the STSR in CPR is to Give attention to the sterile field and the surgeon's needs
35. A safety precaution used when a Pt is being shocked with the defibrillator is No one is to touch the Pt or anything metallic in contact with the Pt
36. When a cardiac arrest occurs, the resuscitative measures must begin within 3-5 min
37. Who is responsible for recording all medications given during CPR in the OR The circulating nurse
38. CPR is instituted if There is no pulse, respiration or BP, and the pupils are fixed and dilated
39. The first action to be taken in the event of cardiac arrest in the OR is to Alert the OR supervisor and personnel
40. Intraoperative and postoperative emergency procedures require the scrub person to Maintain sterile Mayo with instruments
41. A pediatric Pt is considered a toddler during 18-30 months
42. The "Golden Hour" refers to Reaching the trauma victim & providing Tx during the first hour is critical
43. Should a cardiac arrest occur in the OR, the role of the scrub would be Maintain the sterile field and keep track of counts
44. Operative records documenting all aspects of perioperative care are required by JCAHO
45. Except for endotracheal tube installation, basic life support cannot be interrupted for more than 5 seconds
46. A Pt signs a permission form for surgery, but bc of a language barrier he/she doesn't fully understand what he/she has signed. This could constitute a liability case for Assault & Battery
47. If a Pt falls bc he/she was left unattended, the OR team member could be cited in a lawsuit for Abandonment
48. A lack of care of skill that any nurse or tech in the same situation would be expected to use is the legal definition of Negligence
49. The doctrine of Respondeat Superior refers to Employer liability for employee's negligent conduct
50. Liability is a legal rule that Holds each individual responsible for his/her own acts
51. To care and be cared for as an individual Belongingness
52. Food, water etc Physiological
53. What is the major cause of trauma in children MVA
54. In which of the following situations will the Pt not be allowed to sign the consent for surgery Pt received preop medications
55. Law that is due to the action of a legislature is called Statutory Law
56. An injury sustained due to the care given by a health care professional is called Iatrogenic
57. The Patient's Bill or Rights establishes the Pt as A primary decision maker in care provided
58. A consent manifested by action or inaction of silence, which presumes consent has been given Implied
59. The term that describes the concept that ea surgical team member is accountable for his/her actions and does not hesitate in admitting a break in aseptic technique is/are Surgical conscience
60. An important concept r/t surgical conscience is Nondiscriminatory care of all pts
61. In obese Pts All of the above (Long & deep instruments may be needed, Healing is delayed, Extra personnel should be present to help prevent injury to personnel are)
62. One way the surgical tech could help meet the psychosocial needs of the surgical Pt is to Observe the Pt's behavior and listen carefully to what the Pt says
63. Any need or activity r/t the identification and understanding of oneself Psychological
64. To fulfill what one believes is one's purpose Self-actualization
65. This consent format is preferred by healthcare facilities in written form Express
66. Infancy is Birth to a year
67. School age is 6-12 years
68. Heart rate for infants to 2 years is An average of 110
69. Heart rate for 10-16 years is Between 60-100
70. Respirations for 17 yrs is 12-20
71. Written defamation Libel
72. The thing speaks for itself Res ispa loquitur
73. The motto of the AST Aeger primo
74. An informed consent Both B&C - Protects Pt from ungratified or unwanted procedures & Protects the surgeon and the hospital from claims of an unauthorized operation
75. Consent may be given by the following, under specific conditions EXCEPT Attending physician (A competent adult, Guardian, and The Courts are)
76. T/F - A mechanism for reporting any incidents that are r/t adverse Pt care is an incident report True
77. The number one organ injured in a MVA is Spleen
78. What is used to apply pressure on bleeding areas and absorb excess blood and body fluids Sponges
79. What is the most commonly used clamp to compress the walls of vessels Hemostat
80. Which of the following is MOST commonly used for taking a BP reading Brachial
81. If a Kelly clamp is left in a Pt who under went a cholecystectomy, which of the following legal charges can be filed Res ipso loquitur
82. Drains are used postop to Both A&B - To remove blood and body fluid from the operative site & To aid in removing air (NOT Apply pressure to the wound)
83. Which of the following procedures for obtaining an informed consent form is appropriate The Pt is asked to sign the consent form after the surgeon has explained the procedure
84. What are some examples of thermal hemostasis Electrosurgery
85. A general consent form is A form authorizing all treatments or procedures
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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