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hem ch 13 and 14

the most characteristic change seen in the peripheral smear of a patient with multiple myeloma is rouleaux
The morphological classifications of anemia in the myelodysplastic syndromes is macrocytic normochromic
All of the following are dysplastic changes of platelets frequently seen in MDS Micro megakaryocytes, abnormal granuels, giant platelets
An abnormal Provo for rations of dysfunctional B lymphocytes is commonly associated with CLL and infectious mono
Hypogammaglobulinemia is a significant feature and half of patience with CLL this complication can lead to Bacterial or skin infections, herpes, autoimmune hemalytic anemia (AHA)
A significant feature of hairy cell leukemia not seen and other acute leukemia as is Pancytopenia
The blast count in most individuals with MDS is Less than 20 percent
One of the key White cell features in MDS is Hypo and hyper granulated cells, hypo segmented cells, nuclear material to smooth, psudo Plager hue, degenerating neutrophils
Which of the following genetic alterations is associated with a poor prognosis in CLL trisomy 12
A new treatment for multiple myeloma which was once banned from used for pregnant women is thalidomide
Hey prefer your blood picture dominated by cells that appear convoluted with an ovoid nucleus and clefting would most likely be seen in sezary syndrome
Effective means of treating iron overload in them Milo dysplastic syndrome is iron chelation
The most common hematological malignancies in the adult population is MDS myelo dysplastic syndrome
Which of the following chromosome disorders in MDS has a poor predictive influence Deletion 7
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