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Social Studies oms

subcontinent large landmass that is part of another continent but distinct from it
monsoon seasonal wind that blows over a continent for months at a time
jute plant fiber used for making ropes, burlap, bags, carpet backing
cottage industry home or village based industry where a f amily member supplies there own stuff for goods
pesticide powerful chemical that kills crop destroying insects
caste social class based on a persons ancestry
coalition government government when 2 or more political parties qork together to run a country
tributary a small river that flows into a larger river
delta area formed from soil deposited by a river or its mouth
cyclone intense storm system with heavy rain and high winds
dzong low lying ring shaped island that surrounds a lagoon
lagoon shallow pool of water surrounded by reets sand bars and atolls
atoll buddhist center of brayer and study in bhutan
bay part or large body of water that extends into shoreline
plateau area of flat rolling land at high elevation
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