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RiskMGMT_final part

Final questions from participations

How to realize digital signature with hash algorithm and public key algorithm To generate the digital signature, sender should first generate a hash value. Then sender should sign the hash value with his private key. To verify the digital signature, receiver should first decrypt the digital signature with the sender public key.
Please explain how to encrypt a message with DH algorithm Generate a key based on Alice's private key and Bob's public key then encrypt the message to Bob then Bob decrypts message using the same key but uses bob's private key and Alice's public key.
Please explain how to do a direct and indirect DOS attack. Explain what is reflected DOS attack with example Attacker direct send SYN to the victim Attacker sends the flood to bot, then the bot sends that to the victim Attacker sends SYN with fake IP to the victim, the victim sends the SYN ACK to the real victim
How to reduce the DOS attack Black holing Validate the SYN rate limiting
What are the four authentication credentials and explain that with examples? i. What you know (e.g., a password) ii. What you have (e.g., an access card) iii. What you are, or (e.g., your fingerprint) iv. What you do (e.g., speaking a passphrase)
Please list the three access control(authorization) model DAC, MAC, RBAC
Please list the three main types of firewall types; explain what that is, and their advantage and limitation. -static packet filtering:filters header info;not stop many attack -SPI:check state of packet for allow or deny of traffic;low $, fast/not guarantee against app level attack -app. proxy:proxy or server that allow or deny traffic;check app/slow/costs $
Please explain what IDS is and what IPS is -Intrusion Detection System: Looks for suspicious traffic, sends an alarm message if attack appears serious; does not drop data - Intrusion Prevention System: use ids filtering mechanisms to prevent certain traffic similar to firewall
Please list the four main kinds of firewall architecture: -single router -main border -DMZ -internal
Please list the four main methods of vulernabilities fixing in the host operating system -patches -service pack -version upgrade -work around - manual fix
Please list the main attacks for webserver -website defacement -DDoS attack -buffer overflow -directory transversal attack
What are the three ways for data backup -full packup -incremental backup -differential backup
what is business continuity planning -specifies how a company plans to restore or maintain core business when disasters occur -principle: people, clear, communication
Created by: ITSec_guy