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Voice Final exam

VOice final

What are the four components of Vocal Hygiene 1) Education of factors/behaviors that result in strain/harm 2) Develop listening & Self-discriminating skills to recognize abusive behaviors 3) Keeping track of record of behaviors w/goals for reduction/elimination 4) Follow healthy use guidlines
What are the healthy use guidelines related to vocal hygeine 1) limit amount of talking 2) limit voice use in noisy environments 3) Eliminate excessive coughing/throat clear 4) Avoid airborn laryngeal irritants 5) Hydrate
What is the SLP's role in preoperative laryngectomy patients 1) evaluate pre-op speaking/communication skills 2) Provide emotional support and insight into process & post-op expectations 3) Insure that the patient will talk again 4) If possible arrange a visit w/successful laryngectomy patient
What is the SLP's role in post-operative laryngectomy patients Provide education w/regard to swallow function and plan of care for speech rehabilitation
What is the plan of care for speech rehabilitation in post-op laryngectomy patients determine if patient is ready and able to use artificial larynx, working with speech modifications to increase speech intelligibility & effectiveness, educate with regards to post-op stoma care and durable medical equipment, educate regarding support grou
What are some post-operative speech choices? 1) Electrolarynx 2) Esophageal speech 3) tracheoesophageal speech with voice prosthesis
What are some treatment options for adductor spasmodic dysphonia 1) Botox 2) begining word with /h/ 3) breathy technique 4) yawn-sigh tech.
What are some treatment options for abductor spasmodic dysphonia 1) botox 2) hum before production of voiceless sounds
What are some issues in voice rest in children/adolecents 1) much more difficult to manage 2) Child must have a reasonable understanding of necessity 3) may need reward system 4) talking quietly with a confidential voice 5) eliminate/reduce talking at recess, lunch, PE or music 6)using attentiongetting subs
What are 3 interventions for vocal hyperfunction LMRVT, Stemple's, semi-occluded vocal tract exercises, vocal abuse re-education program,
What are 3 interventions for chronic laryngitis LMRVT, Vocal abuse re-education program
What are 3 interventions for reinke's edema LMRVT, stemple's, vocal fold rest
what are 3 interventions for vocal nodules? LMRVT, accent method, stemple's, boone voice program
what are 3 interventions for vocal polyps LMRVT, stemple's, semi-occluded
What are 3 interventions for vocal cysts LMRVT, stemple's, semi-occluded
What are 3 interventions for contact ulcers/ granulomas LMRVT, stemple's, semi-occluded
What is an intervention for laryngeal web vocal re-education program
What is an intervention for spasmodic dysphonia Estill voice craft for adductor
What is an intercention for conversion voice disorders accent method, direct digital manipulation
What is an intervention for VF paralysis Estill, accent method
What is an intervention for post-surgical stemple's, vocal fold rest, accent method
What is an intervention for vocal hypofunction semi-occluded, LMRVT
What is LMRVT feeling vibration in front of face to produce strong resonant voice with VF barely touching to reduce impact of vocal folds
What is Estill locating work in vocal tract and utilizing compulsory figue to elevate work and create specific vocal qualities
What is the secrets of optimal natural breathing focus on the foundations of optimal breathing (posture, emotions, and oxygen)
What is boone Therapy 14 activities from education, increasing awareness, and exercise to reduce laryngeal stress/change resonance)
What is semi-occluded vocal tract exercises modifies filter feed engergy back into the source (vocal folds) to decrease collision forces and improve vocal efficiency
What is the alexander technique Correct body posture and the way you position your body will help performance efficiency
What is the accent method holistic approch (respiration, phonation, articulation)to behavior readjustment therapy to teach speech through breathing and phonation
What is vocal re-education therapy behavioral program designed to eliminate and reduce vocal abuse behaviors. Keeps vocal folds in slightly abducted position
Vocal abuse reduction therapy pinpoint vocal abuse behavior and reduce them systematically in high frequency situations
Stemple's vocal fold exercises 4 exercises used to rehabilitate the VFs after phonotrauma, surgery or hyperfunction
what is a technique for people with no voice disorder but want to change voice Is your voice telling on you
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