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4th amendment protects everyone's right to be secure in their person, residence, and property
Police workstation one computer every 250,000
Live Acquisition data can be changed, it also capture memory and can easily solve the problem of encrypted disk
static acquisition data cannot be changed
main formats for data storage raw, proprietary, advanced forensics
method of data acquisition disk to image, disk to disk, logical
private sector investigation don't do any further investigation until you receive court order
windows startup task we learn what files to access when windows starts, will help determine when the computer was last accessed
evaluating forensics tools validating yourself experience, NIST tools, validation protocol
4 blocks component in Unix boot block, super block, inode, data block
2 linux loaders LILO, GRUB
how to validate data with FTK and Prodiscover use KFF(Smartfile), Using .eve file
main data hiding file manipulation, encryption, disk manipulation
graphics format type bitmap, vector, metafile
network forensics systematic tracking of incoming and outgoing traffic. Ascertains how an attack was carried out or how an event occurred on a network
how to examine e-mail headers return path, name of the e-mail server, recipients email address, IP address of sending server, unique message #, date and time email was sent
Created by: ITSec_guy