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5/8/13 WD2 SA

IN-HOUSE To offer services at a a company own facility instead of outsourcing the services to a third party service provider
print queue A mechanism that stores print requests until they are passed to a printing device
daemon A Linux/UNIX program that is usually initiated at start up and runs in the background until required
structured query language (SQL) A language used to create and maintain professional, high performance corporate databases.
LAMP An acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The four technologies create an opensource Web development platform used by the largest social networking sites and cloud service providers
domain name space The three-level domain name hierarchy root level, top-level and second-level domains) that forms the Domain Name System (DNS).
key A variable value, such s a numeric code that uses and algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data.some applications encrypt and decrypt with the same key where as other applications use a pair of keys
Created by: ash.sa2