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More Art Terms

Visual Art vocabulary

vanishing point in linear perspective, the point on the hoizon line where parallel lines appear to converge
vanitas a kind of still life painting designe to remind us of the vanity, or frivolous quality,of human existence.
vantage point in linear perspective, the point where the viewer is positioned
vehicle a thinner that enables paint to flow more readily and that also cleans brushes
verisimilitude in representation, the apparent "truth" or accuracy of the description
video art an art form that employs television as its medium
virtual reality an artifical three-dimensional environment, sometimes called hyperspace or cyberspace, geneated through the use of computers, that the viewer experiences as real space
visual literacy the ability to recognize, understand, and communicate the meaning of visual images
visual texture a texture on the surface of a work that appears to be actual but is an illusion
visual weight as opposed to actual weight, the apparent heaviness or lightness of a shape or form
voussoir a wedge-shaped block used in the constructionn of an arch
value the relative lightness or darkness of a picture or the colors employed in it. Also the worth, monetarily and culturally, of a work.
umbra the heart, or core, of a shadow
Ukiyo-e a style of Japanese art, meaning "pictures of the transient or floating world," that depicted, especially, the pleasures of everyday life
typanum the space between the arch and lintel over a door, often decorated with sculpture
two-point linear perspective a version of linear perspective in which there are two (or more) vanishing points in a composition
two-dimensional space any space that is flat, possessing height and width, but no depth, such as a piece of drawing on a canvas
tusche a greasy material used for drawing on a lithography stone
truss in architecture, a triangular framework that, because of its rigidity, can span much wider areas than a single wooden beam
trompe l'oeil a form of representation that attempts to depict the object as if it were actually present before the eye in three-dimensional space, literally "eye-fooling"
trimetric projection a kind of axonometric projection in which all three measurements--height, width, and depth--employ a different scale
traveling shot in film, a shot in which the camera moves back to front or front to back
transept the crossarm of a church which intersects, at right angles, with the nave, creating the shape of a cross
topography the distinct landscape characteristics of a local site
tint a color or hue modified by the addition of another color resulting in a hue of higher key or value, in the way, for instance, that the addition of white to read results in pink
three-dimensional space any space that possesses height, width, and depth
texture the surface quality of a work
tesserae small pieces of glass or stone used in making mosaic
tensile strength in architecture, the ability of a building material to span horizontal distances without support and without buckling in the middle
tenebrism from the Italian tenebroso, meaning murky, a heightened form of chiaroscuro
temporal art any form of art that possesses a clear beginning, middle, and end,or that takes place over time
temperature the relative warmth or coolness of a given hue, those in the yellow-orange-red range considered to be warm, and those in the green-blue-violet range considered cool
tempra a painting medium made by combining water, pigment, and usually egg yolk
technology the materials and methods available to a given culture
tapestry a special kind of weaving, in which the weft yarns are of several colors that the weaver manipulates to make a design or image
tableau a three-dimensional, room-size environment into which we cannot enter
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