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tn govenors

Stack #12647

Tn Gov and Pres. of Republic of TX Sam Houston
Lean Jimmy Jones was what Political Party? Whig
This Whig was the first Republican gov. of Tn Dewhitt Senter
Which Tn gov was elected from the Farm Labor party John Buchanan
The first Tn gov. to die in office Austin Peay
Which Tn gov was kicked out of the US sentate before 1800 William Blount
Who was the gov of the state of Frankland John Sevier
Who served as go and was half bro to william Blount Willie Blount
which tn gov was dubed "young hickory" James K Polk
Who was Tn first native born gov Lean Jimmy jones or james chamberlin jones
Which tn gov was know as the "War horse of sumner county William trousdale
which tn gov was never ignaugrated robert looney caruthers
which tn goc lost a leg at the battle of murfresboro albert marks
which tn gov called trhe legislature into session to give women the right to to vote by passing the women's suffrage Act albert roberts
who was the oldest man elected gov Alfred taylor
which tn gov was minister to peru after his governorship benton mcmillin
which tn gogernor adoption of the state flag during his term john cox
which tn governor was born in a camden log cabin thomas rye
this tn gov was postmaster general until his 1859 death aaron v brown
this anti jacksonite was the first whig gov newton cannon
which tn gov was ambassador to peru after his office william prentice cooper
this carroll county gov defeated mayor crump's machine gordon browning
this gov was descended from the blounts and aaron brown hill mcalister
this gov became us secretary of education lamar alexander
this gov was editor of the marshall county gazette jim nance mcCord
Created by: moncier07