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Photography Grade 8

Photography Vocabulary Test

Aperture Controls the amount of light that reaches a digital camera sensor.
F-Stop The diameter of an aperture is measured in this.
Angle Is the tilt we give the camera when we hold it while shooting a picture.
Framing the Shot The first thing to decide before taking the picture is what's the main subject then we can do this.
Optical Zooming The movement of the physical lenses to magnify the subject of the photos.
Digital Zooming Crops the image and magnifies the results of the cropping (interpolation).
JPEG A standarized format used by many digital cameras for storing images - stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.
Pixel The smallest element of a digitized image. One small dot of light among the many dots that make up an image.
Mega-Pixels Size of the camera's sensor. The larger the number the more information the camera'ss sensor can capture and the more an image can be enlarged.
Resolution The measure of the quality of a digital picture as well as an indicator of its possible size for editing or enlarging.
View Finder Optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest.
Shutter A mechanical device of a camera that controls the duration of a photographic exposure, as by opening and closing to allow light coming through the lens to expose the image.
Focal Length Is a measure of how much a camera lens can magnify a scene.
Wide Angle is a short focal length that creates a wide, spacious view; usually around 18mm to 35 or 55mm view.
Telephoto Lense allows you to zoom in on a the action and include a very narrow field of view; usually the lenses go from 75mm to 300mm and up.
Created by: carieggen