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Ch 3, 4, & 8

P.C.M. Midterm

Physical Need Any need or activity related to genetics, physilogy, or anatomy
Psychological Need Any need or activity related to the identification and understanding of oneself
Social Need Any need or activity related to ones identification or interaction with another individual or group
One must never ______ ______ of the total person lose site
Nonmalignant neoplasm uterine fibroids
Two broad factors adaption and stress
Roys Adaption model states that health involves becoming an intefrated and whole person
Dr. Hans Selye defines stress as a nonspecific response of the body to a demand
Pediatric patients feel more treatened especially_________ when taken from their parents
Adolescents are much more conscious about their body
Repression Not wanting to hold any discussions concerning what is happening
Maslow's theory Physiological needs first
Judaism uses ______ as their Holy text Torah
Jehovah witness' ____ _____ allow abortion do not
Buddhism is __________ about organ donation controversal
Which religion is birth control not allowed Roman Catholic
Patient is cosidered a pediatric patient between what ages birth-12
Neonate is considered birth-28 days
Pediatric patients feel ______ when separated from their parents abandonment
Patients should always be dealt with in a truthful manner
Pediatric patients are inducted by anesthhesiologist
Pediatric patients (neonate) have little subcutaneous fat poor thermal insulation
Standard oxygenenated monitoring for any age group ABG Arterial Blood Gas
Two common types of shock seen in all age groups are septic and hypovolemic
Infants, dehydration is most common cause of hypovolemic shock
Number one cause of death in children accidents
Acute respiratory failure indicates pertonitis
Diabetic patient is at a higher risk for infection
Abdominal procedures on pregnant women are bes performed when 2nd trimester
Autoimmune disease include all EXCEPT AIDS
Established Bloodborne pathogens final rule OSHA
Level 3 trauma center community or rural hospital
Sulfanamides are associated with and increased incidence of Kernicterus
Caloric requirements increase by what percent for infant surgery 20-30%
Patients who are obese are 100 lbs greater than ideal body weight
Geriatric patients are usualy 65 and older
Define Golden Hour Concept that medical treatment of a trauma victim within the first hour following injury improves patient outcome
Kinematics velocity, flecibility of tissue, shape of injuring object
Blunt trauma forces decleration, acceleration , sheraring
Throbin reacts with fibrinogen forming fibrin
4th phase of clotting process platelet aggregate forms
Tail off a suture should be left how long 1/4 in
Needle holes in vessel anastomosis; small squares of Teflon pledgets
Prophylactic pressure devices to treat deep vein thrombosis sequentil stocking
Thin rubber tube that facilitates drainage by capillary action penrose
most commonly used thermal hemostatic electrosurgery
bovie produces burned tissue called char
utilized high frequency alternating current electrosurgery
provides an intense and concentrated beam of light laser
all are advantages of ultrasonic scalpel EXCEPT ballpoint
powdery substance composed of 100% collagen avitene
Absorbable oxidized cellulose nu-knit; surgi-cel
vasoconstrictor epinephrine
blood products should be sstored at what temperature between 1 and 6 degrees
first priority in any emergency is airway
in the OR, the STSR's primary function during CPR is protect the sterile field
Diagnosis of MH is done by muscle biopsy
Level 1 trauma can meet all needs required for treating trauma patients, including qualified personnel and equipment on a 24 hr basis
level 2 trauma can treat seriously injured or ill patients but does not have all of the resources that a level 1 facility would have
level 3 trauma center most often a community or rural hospital in an area that does not have a level 1 or level 2 facility
level 4 trauma can provide advanced trauma life support to stabilize the patient before the patient is transported to a level 1 or 2 hospital
typical order of priority (injuries) head, chest, abdomen, and extremities
hypothermia is typically defined as a core body temperature that is below 35*C
when presented with life-threatening circumstances, the only thing there may be time for is to quickly pour or spray some... povidone-iodine solution over a large area
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