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ST210 Q3 & Q4

Liz ST210 Q3 & Q4 over Procedures

1. What procedure is defined as delivery of fetus through incisions in the abdominal wall and the uterus C-section
2. What procedure is performed to Dx cause of infertility, ectopic pregnancy pelvic masses endometrial implants and pelvic pn Laparoscopy
3. Procedure is the removal of the uterus using a vaginal approach Vaginal Hysterectomy chapter 15
4. Which procedure is performed for Pts with symptoms of urinary retention, urinary incontenence, a cyctocele or rectocele Colporrhaphy - Pg 537
5. When Tx of botox injections, glasses, patching and fusion fails, what procedure is utilized Blepharoplasty
6. Which procedure is grafting one cornea from an individual to another Keratoplasty chapter 16
7. Tuboplasty Microscopic rescection and anastomosis of the fallopian tubes chapter 15
8. Scleral Buckle A surgical procedure used to treat retinal detachment in which a small piece of silicone sponge or solid silicone is placed to close the retinal break glossary pg 1111
9. Using medical terminology parts, break up and define a keratoplasty procedure kerat/-o cornea or keratin -plasty surgical repair definition- corneal transplant chapter 16
10. LAVH Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy chapter 15
11. Affidavit Voluntary statement of facts sworn to be true before an authority - pg27 old book
12.. Allegation A statement one expects to prove true - pg 27 old book
13. Negligence Omission(not doing) or commission (doing) of an act that a reasonable and prudent individual would not do under the same condition. Breach of duty pg28 old book
14. Tort Describles any civil wrong independent of a contract - pg 28 old book
15. Perjury Intentionally providing false testimony under oath - pg 28 oldbook
16. Name 3 intentional acts 1. Assault 2. Battery 3. Defamation 4. False imprisonment 5.Intentional inflication of emotional distress 6. Invasion of Privacy pg 28-29 old bk
17. Name 3 unintentional acts 1. Patient misidentifcation 2. Performing an incorrect procedure (often related to limbs) 3. Foreign bodies left in patients secondary to incorrect sponge/ instrument counts 4.Patient Burns 5.Falls or positioning errors resulting in patient injury pg 29
18. Name 3 verifications when perform a "time out" 1.Patient's name & DOB 2. Correct side/site 3. Correct procedure 4. Correct position 5.Correct radiograph data 6. Special equipment/implants
19. Who can give consent 1. Competent adult 2. Parent or legal guardian of a minor 3. Temporary guardian 4.Hospital administration 5. The courts - pg 33
20. What are the 2 formats for consent Express and Implied - P.P. & pg 31
17. Name 3 unintentional acts? CONTINUED (6-12) 6. Improper handling , identification or loss of specimens 7. Incorrect drugs or incorrect administration 8. Harm secondary to use of defective equipment/instruments 9.Loss of or damage to patient's property 10. Harm secondary to a major break in sterile
Created by: elizabeth-mcw