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(CK) Hamlet Voc 5-8

(CK) Hamlet Vocabulary Chapters 5-8

an acknowledged leader "We will obey you, dread __________," said Guildenstern. sovereign
agitated with doubt or mental conflict or pain When Gertrude saw Ophelia looking so __________, her heart filled with pity. distraught
to attack violently with blows or words Claudius told Polonius that Ophelia was in no condition to _________ Hamlet. assail
enough to meet the needs of a situation "We will ask her to talk with him. That should be _________," said Claudius. sufficient
deceptive Polonius seemed delighted by his own _________. "I was watching through the keyhole of her bedchamber, and there I saw her take the letter from her purse." deviousness
to compose, recite, play, or sing extemporaneously Hamlet told the actors to recite their lines exactly as he wrote them, without _________. improvisation
enduring injury with patience and without resentment; mildly "My lord Hamlet," said Ophelia _________. meekly
an empty or deceptive act or pretense Ophelia felt the tears coming. Wouldn't someone step forward and put an end to this cruel _________? she wondered. charade
to soften by the addition or influence of something Hamlet now knew what it felt like to have words fly out of his heart before his brain had a chance to _________ them. temper
to take on an aggressively defensive attitude When Hamlet told Claudius that he wouldn't make a very convincing king, Claudius _________. bristled
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