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Minecraft awesomenes

(click on this for things you may not have known)Test your minecraft skills

What is the 3rd bosses name? Idol Steve
What mod provides you with a third world? Ather Mod
Who is the second glitch? Nodus
What enemy throws potions? Witch
What animal appears in the 1.6 update? Horse
What new mod allows you to gain infinante life's in hardcore? can't die mod
What famous player created revenge? Captain Sparklez
Who's name is "Ihazbutter"? u don't need to know sucker
What is Captain Sparkles first name? Jordan
Who has the power to teleport you to the Nether? Herobrine
What do you use to enchant things after they already got enchanted? enachanted books and a anvil
Whats Notch's first name? Markus
Who is the creator of the "Hunt for the Golden Apple"? Ant Venom
Who were the contestants of the TNT olympics? AntVenom, Etho, Captain Sparklez, and SethBling
What do you fall into if you delete bedrock? Void
What block can't be destroyed in survival? Bedrock
Is it possible to get bedrock in survival? Yes
What is a guest name in minecraft? Steve
what mobs burn in sunlight? skeletons, enderman, zombies
What type of armor will horses have? diamond,iron, and gold
What type of new blocks will there be in 1.6? coal blocks,carpet, and hay
Who is the person Notch handed minecraft over to? Jeb
How do you spawn the wither? 4 soul sand and 1 wither skull
how do you make a chest? 3 wood blocks across and 3 wood blocks down (leave middle empty)
how do you make a door? 3 up and 2 across (wood or iorn)
What is the purpose of Minecraft? to defeat the Enderdragon
What mobs spawn in the End endermen
what mobs spawn in the nether Zombie Pigman, Ghast,and Wither skeleton
Who was the first to win a gold medal in the TNT Olympics? Captain Sparklez
Who plays minecraft? skydoseminecraft!
what is one of sky's most famous videos on youtube? I play minecraft
what army is made up of thosands of players on Minecraft and is boss? Sky's army
What mobs has no long range attacks? endermen,zombies,creepers,zombie pigmen, wither skeletons
What website carries your and all of the minecraft players skin in 3D paper form? Minecraft papercraft.com
what website has a cool game as soon as you login? qw2craft
Created by: minecraftavenger