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BIS95A2008 Deanza Princ of Project Management Review

What are the 5 control groups for Proj Mngmt? Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, Closing
What are the 5 areas of expertise? PMBok Body of Knowledge, Application area knowledge, standards & reg's, Understanding the project environment, General management knowledge & skills, & interpersonal skils
Management of interpersonal relationships includes Effective communication Inlfuencing the organization Leadership Motivation Negotial and conflic management Problem solving
Output of a project is? Deliverable
Define what a project is Temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service A series of tasks that are constrained with - budget - time - common goal - resources
What is project management? An application of knowledge, skills, tools, & techniques to project activities to meet stakeholders needs & expectations It requires balancing demands between scope, project requirements, budgeted time, cost, quality, stakeholders needs & expectations
Why do projects fail? Poor planning & control, poorly defined goals, Confusion on roles, Absence of stakeholder in key decision making, Unrealistic schedules, poor execution of project plan, poor management of stakeholders, poor scope management
Who are project stakeholders? Your managers, project members, customers, product users, research & development teams (for product/service development), support & maintainers staff
Organizational structures In a balanced matrix, strong matrix & projectized organizations the PM has relatively low to high control over the budget, resources, & authority. They are also a full time member of the project team.
What is project initiation? Formal authorization for starting a new project or continuation of a project to the next phase
Why plan? For every hour spent in planning you save 6-8 hours of fixing misdirections
Steps in planning Define scope, build/buy decision, project organization & structure, schedule & cost estimation, risk management, integrated baseline review, & project plan
Scope statement includes Project justification, project product, deliverables, & success criteria
How will your team members communicate effectively? Weekly/monthly status reports Problem reports Specifications - functional requirements, detailed design, testing documents, project plans Cost reports Tools used for communication
When PM's talk of a triple contraint, what are they referring to? Project scope, time, & cost
General management includes Planning, organizing, staffing, executing, & controlling
What is a program? Group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control.
What version of management is the central coordinated management of a group of projects? Program management
What is a PMO office? An organizational unit to centralize & coordinate the management of projects under its domain
Created by: kembap