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Study Helps for English Lit: The Twentieth Century

Definition: the anti-philosophy of despair propounded by Kierkegaard and Nietzche existentialism
Definition: the teaching that there are no moral absolutes relativism
Definition: the doctrine that morality should be based on the regard tot he well-being of mankind in the present life secularism
Definition: the teaching that the human mind cannot know whether God and the human soul exist agnosticism
Definition: the deterministic doctrine of the two American psychologists J.B. Watson and B.F. Skinner behaviorism
Definition: the materialistic belief in direct government intervention to remove economic or social inequality socialism
Definition: the idea that matter is the only reality and that everything in the world can be explained in terms of matter materialism
Definition: the doctrine that the individual's actions are determined by a sequence of causes independent of his own will determinism
Definition: the use of precise images, free verse, and suggestion rather than complete statement imagism
Definition: the worship of science; the belief that society can reach a state in perfection through the application of the scientific method to all areas of thought and life scientism
Definition: the attempt to redefine the Bible and Christian truth in the light of Darwinism and other pseudo-scientific beliefs Modernism
Definition: the doctrine that man's reason is the sole criterion for truth rationalism
Who wrote Ulysses? James Joyce
Who wrote Brideshead Revisited? Evelyn Waugh
Who wrote Lord of the Flies? William Golding
Who wrote Of Human Bondage? Somerset Maugham
Who wrote The Heart of Darkness? Joseph Conrad
Who wrote Animal Farm? George Orwell
Who wrote Brave New World? Aldous Huxley
Who wrote the Father Brown mystery stories? G.K. Chesterton
Identify: the Apostle to the Skeptics who was one of the most imaginative and versatile writers of the 20th Century C.S. Lewis
Identify: the Irish poet and dramatist who led the Irish Renaissance William Butler Yeats
Identify: the first great science fiction author H.G. Wells
Identify: the party in power when Britain became a welfare state Labour Party
Identify: poet who became an American citizen and moved from Marxism to Freudianism to a religious phase W.H. Auden
Identify: famous journalist and TV personality who was reared Fabian Socialist but became a Christian Malcolm Muggeridge
Identify: form of literature answering the demand for brevity in writing short story
Which Norwegian playwright influenced modern drama? Henrik Ibsen
Identify: the Welsh poet who contributed rich poems about life in Wales Dylan Thomas
Identify: American-born novelist who spent most of his life in Britain Henry James
Definition: deterministic philosophy based on the idea that each individual is driven by unconscious and irrational impulses which would be harmful to repress Freudianism
Who wrote The Waste Land? T.S. Eliot
Identify: the group of British poets who idealized the beauties of nature Georgians
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