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ST210 T2

Liz ST210 T2

1. In which position would shoulder braces be indicated Extreme Trendelenburg
2. Operative accessibility in thyroid surgery may be aided by the use of Shoulder bridge
3. Which item is AKA an "airplane support" Double Arm board
4. The outermost electrons in the atom's orbit that can most easily be attracted away from the nucleus Free electrons
5. Another name for Kraske position Jack knife
6. The desirable position for better visualization in the lower abdomen or pelvis Trendelenburg
7. Chest rolls (bolsters) ___ respiration Facilitate
8. In an atom, the negatively charged particles are called Electrons
9. Which particles are found in the nucleus of an atom Protons and Neutrons
10. Which particles are found in the valence shell of an atom Electron
11. Which of the following materials is not a conductor of electrical energy Rubber
12. The force or push that moves free electrons from one atom to another Voltage
13. Which of the following electrical energy concepts is measured in watts Power
14. Which of the following electrical energy concepts is measured in ohms Resistance
15. Which of the following concepts of the electrosurgical unit (ESU) electrical energy flow is correct Use of monopolar energy flow may result in alternate site burns
16. The amount of space occupied by an object Volume
17. The characteristic of laser light include all of the following EXCEPT Divergence
18. Solid medium lasers include which of the following KTP and Nd:YAG
19. The single robotic arm ___ attaches to the bedrail of the OR table
20. A particle of laser light energy is called Photon
21. When transporting a Pt to the OR in which direction should the gurney be situated Feet first
22. When transporting a pt to the OR in a gurney where should the safety strap be placed ___ Over the thighs
23. When transporting a Pt to the OR in a gurney, how should the Pt be transported when using the elevator Enter the head first, Exit Feet First
24. Which of the following procedures would be performed with the Pt in the lateral position Nephrectomy
25. The surgical position frequently used for Pts undergoing kidney surgery Lateral
26. Position most commonly used for mitral valve replacement Supine
61.What term is used to refer to performing surgery at a distance with robotic arms Telesurgery
62.What is the technical name for robotic arms Manipulators
63 What important component of the remote console sends messages to the computer, which in turn translates the surgeon's hand movement to the robotic arm Micromanipulators
64.The robotic arm's clockwise and counterclockwise movements around an axis are referred to as Degrees of rotation
65. A right and left movement of the robotic arm is called Yaw
66. Generally, where on the O.R. table is the robotic arm positioned for surgeries of the lower abdomen By patien's head
67. What term refers to the robot's ability to differentiate between two objects Resolution
68. What term is used to refer to remotely controlled robots Telechir
69. What term is used to refer to the rotating movement of the robotic arms Roll
70. When performing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, approximately where should the robotic arm be positioned on the O.R. table Patient's right side; mid-thigh
71. When setting the lower limits of the robotic arm, what is the rule of thumb for distance from the patient''s skin surface 1 centimeter or less
72. When performing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy on an obese patient, what can be done to create additional space between the elbow of the robotic arm and the patient tilt machine
73. When sending an e-mail to the Laboratory department requesting blood test results for a patient, what symbol must the circulating surgical technologist include in the e-mail address @
74. To facilitate communication within a hospital, the computers are connected together to a singer server to form a/an Network
75. In the operating room what shold be used to protect the computer from high electric voltage Surge Protector
76. To emphasize a sentence in a Incident Report, the circulating surgical technologist uses the shortcut for the bold function by holding down ______ buttons on the keyboard CTRL-B
77. What typer of current does electrosurgery utilize Alternating current
90. The number of persons required to position a patient in stirrups is Two
91. For the patient in the prone position, the weight of the body should be borne by the Iliac crest and acromion processes
92. For a Right Nephrectomy, the patient would be placed in the ____ position Left lateral kidney
93. When moving the patient from the OR table, who is responsible for guarding the head and neck from injury Anesthesiologist
94. To move the patient form the transport stretcher to the OR table One person stands next to the stretcher, one adjacent to the OR table,while the patient moves over
37. Which of the following is NOT a requirement when a Pt is placed in the prone position Safety belt is placed below the knee
38. To avoid foot drop Pad heels to prevent pressure from the OR table
39. The best surgical position for visualization of the lower abdomen or pelvis Trendelenburg
40. The surgical position commonly used for thyroid and gallbladder surgery Reverse Trendelenburg
41. Crossing the Pt's arms across his/her chest in the supine position may cause Interference with respiration
42. When positioning an anesthetized Pt, supporting the head and neck is the responsibility of the AP
43. When moving a Pt with an unsplinted fracture, protecting the fracture is the responsibility of the Surgeon
44. Which procedure is best performed with the Pt in the Trendelenburg Hysterectomy
45. A reverse Trendelenburg position requires the added table attachment of a Footboard
46. Opposing or counteracting force Resistance
47. What position allows the best approach to the retroperitoneal area of the flank Lateral kidney
27. The position most commonly used for tonsillectomy performed under local anesthesia Fowler's
28. What position is commonly used for neurosurgical and some otorhinologic procedures Fowler's
29. An anesthetized Pt is moved slowly to prevent Cardiovascular complications
30. In the lateral chest position, a sandbag or padding is placed under the chest and axillary level to Prevent pressure on lower arm
31. In the prone position, the thorax must be elevated from the OR table to prevent Respiratory complications
32. Ulnar nerve damage could result from Use of unpadded armboard
33. Stirrups that are not padded or improperly placed on the OR table can cause Peroneal nerve
34. If the Pt is in the supine position, the circulating surgical tech must always Confirm the ankle and legs are not crossed
35. All of the following are requirements of the Kraske position EXCEPT The arms are tucked at the sides of the pt
36. When moving a Pt from the lithotomy position Lower legs together
48. What device is used when placing a PT in the operative position for a thyroidectomy Shoulder roll
49. What nerve could be damaged when the Pt is placed in Fowler's position Sciatic
50. What size of Foley catheter is commonly used for adults 16 Fr
51. How much water is necessary to inflate a 5cc balloon on the Foley indwelling catheter 5cc
52. After inserting the Foley catheter and prior to inflating the balloon, what should be confirmed Urine flow into the drainage bag
53. Where should the Foley indwelling catheter drainage bag be positioned after insertion of the catheter Lower than level of the bladder
54. What is another name for the electrosurgical unit's inactive electrode Grounding pad
55. What part is responsible for conducting the electrical current back to the electrosurgical unit Inactive electrode
56. What type of electrosurgical unit does not require the use of a grounding pad Bipolar
57. A Pt brought into surgery has previously undergone a right arthroplasty. Where should the grounding pad be placed Left thigh
58. The most common nosocomial infections are Urinary infections with catheter use
59. Who determines when the Pt can be transported from the OR to PACU AP
60. What is the required min number of individual to transfer a Pt from the OR table to the gurney for transport to PACU 4
78. When the current passes through the active electrode, the energy is converted from electrical to Thermal
79. What term describes voltage that is strong enough to compromise the sterile glove and insulator, causing a hole and possibly burning the individual Dielectric Breakdown
80. Lasers, Power Drills, and electrosurgical units can produce a ___ of vaporized tissue Plume
81. In the OR, what should never be removed from a 3-prong plugin order to fit a 2-prong plugin? Ground Prong
82. What type of laser has the most power output Solid State
83. When the arm of a laser hits the OR wall, what is the concern of the surgical team Laser mirrors will be out of alignment
84. Which laser emission is primarily absorbed in tissue by hemoglobin or melanin Argon
85. When transporting a Pt to surgery, you would Push the stretch from the head when traveling through corridor
86. The reason for the 90 limit for extension of Pts arms on a padded armboard is Avoiding injury to the brachial plexus
87. Permission for turning the anesthetized Pt from a dorsal recumbent to a prone position must be obtained from the Anesthesia Provider
88. The position that permits enhanced visualization during pelvis surgery is Trendelenburg
89. Postural Hypotension is a threat when the Pt is placed in which of the following positions Fowler
95. When moving a Pt with a fracture in the OR, all of the following are true EXCEPT Support of the extremity should always be from below the site of the fracture (Extra personnel are necessary, Lifters on the affected side support the fracture, The surgeon should be present are)
96. Which statement is false regarding the position on the OR table Safety strap is 4 inches below the knee
97. To avoid compromising the venous circulation, the restraint or safety strap should be placed 2 inches above the knee
98. A Pt with a fractured femur is being moved to the OR table. Who is responsible for supporting and protecting the fractured extremity The Physician
99. A precaution always taken when the Pt is in the supine position is to Protect the heels from pressure on the OR table
100. During lateral positioning, a: Pillow is placed between the legs
101. To prevent strain to the lumbosacral muscles and ligaments when the Pt is in the lithotomy position The buttocks must not extend beyond the table edge
102. The lithotomy position requires ea of the following EXCEPT Each leg is raised slowly and gently as it is grabbed by the toes
103. All of the following are requirements of the Kraske position EXCEPT Arms are tucked in at sides (Pt is prone with hips over the break of the table, A pillow is placed under lower legs and ankles, and A padded knee strap is applied 2 inches above the knees are)
104. Extreme positions of the head and arm can cause injury to the Brachial plexus
105. In the prone position, the thorax must be elevated form the OR table to prevent Compromised respiration
106. Diastolic BP refers to The relaxation phase between heartbeats
107. Systolic BP represents The greatest force caused by contraction of the left ventricle of the heart
108. Tachycardia is a Heart beat over 100 BPM
109. The most common artery used to feel the pulse is the Radial artery
110. The body temp taken orally is 98.6 degrees F. What is it in Celsius? 37 degrees Celsius
111. Which term indicates low or decreased blood volume Hypovolemia
112. When catheterizing a PT The tip of the catheter must be kept sterile
113. How many times is the Pt ID confirmed before transporting from the ward room to the surgery dept 5
114. If a discrepancy occurs in the ID of a Pt on the hospital ward, what actions should be taken Do not transport to OR and inform OR personnel
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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