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AR Adv DB Unit 3-5

Advanced Database Units 3-5

Filter by selection a filter technique that lets you select all or part of a field value and then display only those records that match the selected value
Find allows you to search a table or query datasheet, or a form, to locate a specific field, value or part of a field value
Sort is the process of rearranging records in a specified order or sequence
Descending sorting from high to low or Z to A
Filter is a set of restrictions you place on the records in an open datasheet or form to temporarily isolate a subset of the records
Filter by form a filtering technique that changes the datasheet to display empty fields and select from a list value. The filter then shows values that match that selection.
Ascending sorting from low to high or A to Z
Advanced filter used when you want to filter records with more flexibility
Wildcards used when you know only a part of the search value. *
Recordset the datasheet that is the result of a query
Select query a query in which you specify the fields and records you want to select
QBE (Query By Example) using a grid to form queries where fields can be added, sorted, compared, etc.)
Query a question you ask about the data in a database and Access displays the records or fields that answer that question
Group by operators divides the selected records into groups based on the values in the specified field
Logical operators in a query, an operator that allows you to combine two or more conditions (AND, OR, NOT)
NOT a logical operator that negates a criterion or selects all of the records that do not match the criterion
Aggregate function perform arithmetic operations on selected records in a database
Calculated field a field that displays the result of an expression. For example, you can create a field that would calculate Discount Price
AND the logical operator you use in a query when you want a record selected only if two or more conditions are met (for example if you query "car" and "red", you would get a Red Mustang)
Comparison operators in a query, an operator that is used to compare records and to select all the record for which the relationship is true
OR a logical operator that you use in a query when you want to select records that match at least one of the criterion (for example, if you query "car" or "red", you could get a red apple
Autoformat a predefined style that you can apply to a form for a report
Conditional formatting is special formatting that can be applied to certain field values depending on one or more conditions in a report or form
Control is an item on a form, report, or other database object that you can manipulate to modify the object’s appearance
Form wizard a tool that ask you a series of questions, and then creates a form based on your answers
Layout view an Access view in which you can make design changes to a form or report while it is displaying data so that you can immediately see the effect of changing the design
Main form in a form based on two table, the form that contains data from the primary table
Report wizard a tool that asks you a series of questions, and then creates a report based on your answers
Subform a form within a form based on two tables, the form that contains data from the related table
Created by: Jame Pearce