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Huck Finn

Study guide for Mrs. Hughes 2013 junior class

Why does Twain include violence in the novel? He believed violence was a way of life and it illustrates the cruelty of humans
What does the river symbolize? The individual and freedom
What does the shore represent?
Whose body is found on the "floating house of death"? Pap
What does Huck think at the end of the book?
What and/or who is Huck escaping by leaving St. Petersburg? Pap
How does Twain illustrate his attitude towards religion? Hogs in a church
How does Huck justify stealing? By saying he was just borrowing
What was Tom's prized trophy from the "evasion"?
What did Huck and Jim blame their bad luck on? Touching the snakeskin on Jackson's Island
Where did Huck Hide Peter Wilkes' money? In Peter Wilkes' coffin
What were Hucks feelings towards helping Jim throughout the novel? Confused and ashamed
How does Mark Twain create a feeling of "local color" in the story? Use of dialect
When Does Huck first gain respect for Jim?
Why did Jim run away from his owner? He was afraid of being sold
How did Twain gain his knowledge of the Mississippi River? By working as a riverboat pilot
Where did Jim and Huck originally plan to travel? Cairo
Who was the only person in town who doubted that the King and Duke were the Wilkes brothers? The Doctor
Why did Jim feel bad about striking his daughter? She was deaf
Why did Huck sell his fortune to the judge? Pap was back
How does Huck think of Jim in the beginning of the novel? Property of Miss Watson
How does Huck think of Jim by the end of the novel? A good and loyal friend
True or False. Jim was superstitious and believed in witches True
True or False. The story is more that just s simple adventure story True
True or False. Tom Sawyer believed in doing everthing the easiest way True
True or False. Jim thought he'd become rich someday
True or False. Huck told the Duke and King the truth about himself and Jim False
True or False. Huck is pleased with the King and the Duke's punishment because they deserved it False
True or False. Pap was shot in the back and died
True or False. Huck and Tom are good friends, but Tom is more realistic False
True or False. Jim is captured when the King betrays him False
True or False. After separate escapes, Huck and Jim are surprised to meet each other on Jackson's Island True
Who is narrating the story? Huck
Who is Tom's uncle? Silas Phelps
Who set her slave free in her will? Miss Watson
Who is Sophia Grangerford's boyfriend? Harney Sheperdson
Who painted nude in the "Royal Nonesuch"? The Dauphin
Who ended up being killed as a result of the fued between the Grangerfords and the Sheperdsons? Buck Grangerford
Who was the first one to "sivilize" Huck? The Widow
Who planned the "evasion"? Tom Sawyer
Who is the runaway slave in the story? Jim
Who was the fraudulent "Uncle William Wilkes"? The Duke
Created by: kswearingen