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Floppy Installation Fact Sheet 3.1.2

Floppy drive data and control ribbon cables have how many pins? 34
The power cable for floppy drives uses which type of connector? Mini-molex
True or false, some floppy drive cables have connectors for two drives. Others have connectors for only one drive? True
Floppy cables usually have one twist in their ribbon cable. This makes it possible to identify an A: drive and B: drive without setting jumpers on the floppy drive. The floppy drive connected after the twist will be which drive? A:
True or false, some floppy drive cables have connectors for 3.5-inch drives and 5.25-inch drives. Others have connectors for only one type of drive? True
The connector for the data and control ribbon cable is sometimes keyed. What mistake does this prevent you from making? Inserting the cable backwards
many times the floppy ribbon cable connector is not keyed, making it possible to install the cable backwards. When this happens, what is the most common symptom? The floppy drive light stays lit
As a general installation guideline, point pin 1 on the data and control ribbon cable (marked with a red stripe) towards the mini-molex power cable on a floppy drive. However, this is not a rule that will work in all cases. What should you consider? Consulting the drive's documentation
The software driver for floppy disks is built into which system? BIOS
What should you use to make sure the CMOS knows what type of drive is installed? CMOS editor
True or false, edit the CMOS settings to change the boot order used for drives? True
If the boot order is set to look on the floppy drive first, and if you have a floppy disk in the drive, the computer will attempt to find what on the floppy disk when it boots? The operating system
What is the name of system if not found, you will get an error and the boot process will stop? Operating system
Many new computers no longer come with which storage device installed? Floppy drive
Some newer motherboards do not have which connector? Floppy
Some new power supplies will not have which power connector? Floppy
A new floppy cable has a single connector on the end. The cable has what before the connector, making the drive the A: drive? A twist
What supports only a single floppy drive and looks only for the A: drive? BIOS
What will not detect a second floppy drive, even if you use an older cable with two connectors? The BIOS
If you use an older cable with two connectors, the BIOS will not detect a floppy drive connected which connector? Middle
Because data is stored magnetically on floppy disks, magnetic fields can damage the data stored on the disk. You should keep floppy disks away from what? Magnets
If the floppy disk drive has intermittent problems, what should you check? Loose power connection
If the drive LED stays lit continually, verify that the cable is plugged in where? pin 1 in slot 1
You should ensure which settings for the floppy drive are enabled and that the drives are set correctly? CMOS
True or false, almost every manufacturer reserves IRQ 6 and DMA channel 2 for the floppy disk controller, but on occasion a device, such as a tape drive is configured in a manner to cause a conflict within the system? True
if the system boots and cannot find the operating system, make sure that the floppy drive is not listed as the first boot device or that there is not what in the drive? A diskette
To boot from the drive, make sure the diskette is properly formatted and includes what? The necessary system files
If you cannot save data to the floppy disk, check the position of what? The write-protection tab
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