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The view from sat.

vocab form the book ~The view from Saturday ~

point of view The perspective from witch a story is told. The voice telling the story. ms. Olinski - 3rd person narrator Noha- 1st person
simile using like or as to compare 2 things pg.6 century village was like a theme park for old people. Trading coupons was like playing go fish.
Allusion A usually brief, often casual reference yo some other person thing or event T.S. Elliot Alice in Wonderland Raphael painter mad tea party
Flashback A section of a novel that inter ups the chronological sequence of events. g-pa Izzy meeting Margret.
foreshatowing Hints or suggestions about something about something that will occur later in the novel yet to come when mrs. olinski finally understood why she chose the members of her Academic bowl team.
brawn muscular power or strength
codo informal form of condominium; a unit in an apartment complex in which artments are individually owned
decorum good taste; polite behavior
domicile legal residence;home
epiphany sudden intuitive understanding
maim disfigure; make defective
minor under legal age; not yet legally an adult
brawn muscular power and strenth
condo informal form of condominium; a unit in an apartment complex in witch apartments are individually owned
decorum good taste; polite behavior
domicle legal residence; home
epiphany sudden intuitive understanding
maim disfigure; make defective
minor under legal age; not yet legally an a adult
what does incandescently mean? raidantly
What does hover mean? linger
what does saturated mean? soaked
what does podium mean? lectern
what does atrociously mean? abominably
what does sarcasm mean? cutting remarks
what does tendril mean? long curling piece
admonish warn
bickering squabbling
carafe bottle
cardinal principal
consume eat
fanning spreading
layman nonprofessional
ruckus commotion
superb great
courteous kind, good manners
trounce to defeat decisively
protrude to protect
pun a play on worrds in witch two diffrent meanings for the game word, or two words that sound the same, are used hurmorously I would be living in the state of divorce and New york. Ginger is a genius of her genus
Created by: meh080201
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