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Greek Bases


BIBLI- book
CANON- rule
CRYPT-, CRYPH- hidden, secret
CYCL- circle, wheel
GLOSS-, GLOT(T)- tongue, language
ICON- image
MIM- to imitate
OD- song, poem
PYR- fire
TOM- to cut
ALG- pain
BI- life
CHRON- time
D(A)EMON- spirit, evil spirit
GE- earth
LOG- speech, word, proportion, reasoning
LY- to loosen
MNE- to remember
PAN(T)- all, every
POD- foot
THE- god
TROPH- to nourish, grow
AGON- struggle, contest
ANGEL- messenger, message
CENTR- center
DEM- people
GAM- marriage
HEM(AT)-, HAEM(AT)- blood
HEMER- day
OD-, HOD- way, road
STOL-, STAL-, STLE- to send, draw
TAPH- tomb
BALL-, BOL-, BLE- to throw, put
DERM(AT)- skin
DOX-, DOG- opinion, teaching
GNO(S)- to know
HOM(E)- same, similar, regular
MORPH- form, shape
ONYM- name, word
PHER-, PHOR- to bear, go
TACT-, TAX- to arrange, put in order
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