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ST210 Q2

Liz ST210 Q2

1. What are 2 types of Pt care needs that are met in preop care Physiological and Emotional
2. Name 2 types of transportation devices Gurney and Wheelchair
3. List 3 informational items that are found on Pt charts Lab results, Radiology reports, Surgical consent form, Preop checklist, Special consent form (such as a consent to sterilize), Previous pathology reports, Nurse's notes, History and Physical report, Identification of Pt allergies, handicaps or other limit
4. Since food in stomach increases the danger of aspiration, the pt will be ___ for 4-8 before surgery NPO
5. How many nonsterile team members are required to move an immobile patients A minimum of 4 nonsterile team members
6. List the locations that nonsterile team members would stand to move an immobile pt The Head of the stretcher, Side of the stretcher, Ft of the stretcher, and at the side of the operating table
7. What vital signs are taken once the Pt arrives preop HR, BP, RR, Temp (Ht and Wt may be done also)
8. T/F - Wedding rings may be taped if they cannot be removed True
9. Name 4 things that occur during the admission process ID, Insurance, Procedure, Doctor - Required paperwork, incl all operative and special consents, ID bracelet is affixed, Pt changes clothes, Vitals, IVs, Time is allowed with fam and clergy, Preop meds, and Pt is transported in OR (Pg 308)
10. When transporting a pt, always transport ___ Head first entering an elevator
11. Name the universal instrument Hemostat
12. How many times does the Pt ID get checked? 5
13. T/F - The Pt should not be allowed to visit family prior to being transported to the OR False
14. When moving a Pt, make sure the wheels of the gurney and the OR table are ___ Locked
15. What is the purpose of the preoperative education Alleviate anxiety
16. T/F - It is the STSR's responsibility to stabilize a Pt fracture False - The Surgical Assistant
17. What must be seen before inflating a foley cath balloon? Urine
18. Why is it important for the STSR to review the Pt records? To find required preop information, such as the consent-for-surgery form, along with the Hx and Px form and to find any pharmacologic or food allergies.
19. What must be signed before the surgery can take place Surgical Consent form
20. To inflate a 5ml cath balloon ___ ml of water is needed 5 ml
21. What nonsterile team member is always responsible for the pt head, neck, and airway? AP
22. T/F - You don't have to label every liquid on your table False
23. What position is used for the D & C Lithotomy
24. What position is used for Breast Bx Suppine
25. Who sets the tone of the room in surgery Surgeon
26. What does the surgery D&C stand for Dilation & Curettage
27. What is the name of the sheet that goes under the buttocks in a D&C procedure Under buttocks drape
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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