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Art Unit 5

Media Arts Academy Art Unit 5 Study Guide

Value The degree of lightness or darkness.
Outline A line defining the outside edge of an object.
Proportion The size of objects and their spacing in comparison to each other.
Transition A gradual change from one thing to another.
Action Line The main direction of action in the body.
Who used the grid method extensively? Albrecht Durer
Who utilized the contrast technique of backgrounds in his portraiture? Da'Vinci
What are the uses of grids/graphs? Easy reduction and enlargement.
What is a lost and found contour? When a line appears to disappear or fade into the shadows.
When drawing a figure, what is the first thing identified? Largest body shape.
How is the body broken down? Into basic shapes.
In figure measurement, what is a "head"? Length of the head, chin to scalp.
Why are black areas important to illustration? The areas give more depth to the figure.
Created by: BrandonLee