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System Cooling Fact Sheet 2.9.2

What does the normal operation of computer components produce? Heat
True or false, as components get smaller and the operating frequencies increase, so does the amount of heat generated by each component? True
What might overheated components cause? Intermittent errors
What will eventually happen with consistently-high temperatures? Components fail
What is name of the component located on the circuit board underneath the processor, that monitors temperature? Processor heat sensor
What is name of the component located somewhere inside the system, either on the motherboard or on a cable attached to the motherboard and used to monitor temperature? System case heat sensor
What is name of the component usually connected to the motherboard by a cable and mounted on a case slot and used to monitor ambient temperature? Room temperature heat sensor
True or false, special software can monitor the temperature levels and be configured to send warnings when high temperature conditions exist? True
True or false, The computer case is actually a pressurized system with a carefully-designed path for air to flow? True
Which type of cooling system creates airflow by either blowing or sucking airflow across the motherboard and components? Intake fans
Which type of cooling system pulls warm air from inside the system? Outtake fans
On many systems, which cooling component performs either intake or outtake functions? Power supply fan
True or false, the system case covers as well as expansion card covers must be on to ensure sufficient cooling. Otherwise, airflow and pressure will be negatively affected? True
True or false, dust and debris must be kept to a minimum inside the case? True
Fans are also used in conjunction with which component to improve cooling? Heat sinks
Hard drive coolers are often a set of which type of component that attach to hard drives? Fans
What type of device attach to components, increasing the surface area exposed to the air, essentially pulling heat from the components? Heat sinks
Cooling can also be increased by adding which type of component to the top of the heat sink to pull heat away from the heat sink? Fan
All new processors require which type of components? Heat sink and fan
All new processors require a heat sink and fan. In addition, what should be used between the processor and the heatsink to improve heat transfer? Thermal pad or thermal grease
Processors, video card chipset, motherboard chipset,and Memory are common components that benefit from which type of cooling component? Heat sinks
Which type of cooling component make contact with the memory chips to dissipate heat? Heat spreaders
True or false, Faster, high-performance memory often requires heat spreaders? True
Older internal IDE and SCSI cables are flat and can restrict the airflow inside the case. To maximize cooling, keep cables organized and consider using which component to maximize airflow? Rounded cables
For high-performance and gaming systems, you can install which type of cooling system to improve cooling of devices such as the processor, chipset, and hard drives? Liquid
The liquid cooling system replaces which components with a device that circulates a liquid coolant, much like a car's radiator? Heat sink and fan
The outside air temperature should range roughly between how many degrees fahrenheit? 45º and 90º
True or false, maintaining a low room temperature ensures that heat generated by computers is dissipated, and also provides cool air that can be pulled into the system for cooling? True
True or false, To maintain proper air flow, keep any air intake or outlets free from obstructions? True
True or false, proper ventilation might mean ensuring that nothing is close to the fans and vents on computers, laptops, monitors, and other devices? True
Issues related to insufficient cooling are typically which type of problems that are difficult to identify? Random errors or system lockups
Which tool can you use to troubleshoot cooling problems? Freeze spray
True or false, if a system is starting to fail due to overheating, spraying it with freeze spray reduces the temperature and could restore it to normal functionality? True
If the problem goes away after spraying a suspected component with freeze spray, what should you implement? Additional cooling solutions for that component
Created by: john316