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Sound Card Connector Fact Sheet 2.8.3

True or false, sound cards provide input and output ports for connecting external audio-related devices to the computer? True
Which type of ports on the sound card accept 3.5mm plugs for analog audio input and output? Mini TRS
True or false, the number of ports on the sound card depends on the type of input/output support such as the number of speaker channels, or microphone or line in support? True
Ports are often labeled with what to indicate the type of input or output expected? Text or graphic
Mic In (Mic Level) is typically which color? Pink
Line In (Line Level)is typically which color? Blue
Line Out, front speakers or headphones is typically which color? Lime green
Line Out, rear speakers is typically which color? Black
Line Out, center and surround speakers is typically which color? Orange
What might standardized color coding also be helpful in determining? Proper connection
Although mini TRS colors are standard, be sure to consult which documentation for specific details? Sound card
Which type of connector is used with digital optical input or output for S/PDIF audio? Toslink
Which type of connector on a sound card is usually used for coaxial digital input or output for S/PDIF audio? RCA
RCA connectors can be used for what other type of connection? Analog audio
RCA connectors on a sound card are normally used for What? S/PDIF digital audio
Which type of connector on a sound card is used to connect to MIDI devices or game joysticks? DB-15
A DB-15 connector on a sound card has how many rows of pins? Two
Which type of ports function as normal ports for connecting a variety of devices, and some sound cards have one or more of these type of ports? Firewire
Some sound cards are able to output video, or combine a video signal from a video card and output the combined audio/video signal through which type of port? HDMI
A sound card with an HDMI port is capable of sending what to an HDMI device? HD audio
Created by: john316