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Literary Focus

Characters' Motives The emotions and goals that drive characters to act, often creating the conflict in the story. Jing Mei and her mother in "Two Kinds" had different goals. What where they?
Speaker in Poetry Every poem has a distinct speaker or voice who expresses the poem's thoughts and feelings. The speaker will reveal likes, dislikes, and moods as personality traits. The speaker in poetry is not necessarily the author. in Reading "Song of Myself", "I'm Nob
Personal Essay A personal essay contains intimate and detailed descriptions of writer's feelings and experiences. In "My Furthest-Back Person" Alex Haley reveals some of his innermost thoughts. What are some of those?
Time in a Setting Time and place make up a story's setting. In "The Third Level" the story shifts between the present and the past. What details tell you so?
Internal Conflict A power struggle within one's mind over different feelings, desires, or ideas. In a "Day's Wait". Schatz struggles all day with a personal fear? What are the two opposing forces at work in this story?
Sensory Language Language that appeals to your sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch. Sensory language used in "The Writer, "Flint", and "Oranges" help the reader experience the ideas and images in the poems. The color emerald appeals to what sense?
Humorous Anecdote Funny incidents or events within one's life told in story format define humorous anecdote. Bill Cosby in "Was Tarzan a Three-Bandage Man" uses exaggeration, or emphasizing the silliness of something, and contrast, or pointing out what is silly and what is
Tribute A literary expression of admiration. in "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens", Alice Walker shares what she most admires about her mother and thus reveals her own experiences and values. What is it that Alice Walker is searching for? What does she find?
Tone Reflects the author's attitude toward the subject and the characters. Tone can be described in a single word, such as infornal, friendly, intimate, solemn, playful, or serious. Use of details, words and subject matter often times determine the tone of a p
Rhyme A common element of poetry is the repetition of the ending sounds in two or more words. Two kinds of rhyme are exact rhyme and half rhyme. Rhymes at the end of a line are called end rhymes. In Fable, Thumbprint"and "If", Rhymes give these poems a musical
Historical Setting If a story has a historical setting, then details about that time play a part in the story. In "Rip Van Winkle". the character dress and behave in ways that relate to the time period in which the American Revolution took place. What details tell the reade
Symbol An Object that conveys an idea greater than itself. In "Mother to Son, The Courage That My Mother Had", The Village Blacksmith", have many examples of symbol.
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