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Exercise Terminology

Exercise Terminology Stack #125735

Aerobic Requiring oxygen. Aerobic Metabolism occurs during low-intensity, long-duration exercises like running.
Anaerobic Without oxygen. Anaerobic metabolism in muscle tissue occurs during intense physical activities like weight lifting or sprinting.
Concentric The lifting phase of an exercise, when the muscle shortens or contracts.
Eccentric The lowering phase of an exercise, when the muscle lengthens.
Energy The capacity to do work.
Intensity A measure of how much force or energy is put forth during a task.
Repetition The number of times you lift and lower a weight in one set of an exercise.
Resistance Exercise Training with weights or using your body to resist a force.
Rest period The amount of time you allow between sets and exercises.
Set Group of repetitions of an exercise after which you take a brief rest period.
Abduct Movement of any extremity away from the midline of the body. this action is achieved by an abductor muscle.
Adduct Movement of an extremity toward the midline of the body. this action is achieved by an adductor muscle.
Extension Action of straightening of a joint as achieved by an extensor muscle.
Flexion Motion of bending a joint as achieved by a flexor muscle.
Pronation In the foot, it is a combination of motions resulting in a position such that the foot is abducted and everted. In the hand, pronation is movement of the forearm into a palm down position.
Supination Movement of the forearm into a palm-up position.
External Rotation Lateral movement of a joint or extremity to the outside.
Internal Rotation Rotation of a joint of extremity medially, to the inside.
Created by: kellfire