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AR Adv DB Unit 9

Advanced Database Unit 9

Split allows the user to split the database into two files: one file contains the tables, and the other file contains the queries, forms, reports, and other database objects
Text file a file that contains characters. These are used to import and export data from one application to another
Import to bring in files from other applications
Pivot Chart/Table an interactive chart or table that lets you analyze data dynamically
Password a string of characters assigned to a database that users must enter before they can open the database
Encryption the conversion and storage of the data in a database to a format that is unrecognizable (undecipherable) to a word processor or other program
Export to format data in such a way that it can be used by another application
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) the language used to create documents on the World Wide Web
Comma – separated file (CSV) a text file in which commas separate values, and each line is a record containing the same number of values in the same position
Decrypting the translation of encrypted data in a database into a normal form that users can understand
Delimited a type of text file in which fields of data are separated by a character such as a comma or tab
Attachment field allows the user to attach external files such as workbooks, documents, and images
Chart a graphical representation of data shown as a bar graph, column graph, pie chart, line graph, etc.
Embed creating or copying an object in a form or report and preserving the object's connection to the source program which enables you to edit the object in the source program (for example, you add a spreadsheet to a form and can still edit it)
XML (Extensible Markup Language) a programming language that describes the data it contains and how the data should be structured and is suited to the exchange of data between different programs
Created by: Jame Pearce