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Project MGMT_Exam 2

Information from chapters 6 - 9

Earned Value tells us __________ how much of the budget we really should have spent on the work completed so far
Budget At Completion (BAC) is __________ how much we budgeted to spend at the beginning of the project
Actual Cost (AC) is __________ how much we actually spent for work completed
Schedule Variance (SV) is __________ the difference between the current progress and the original schedule
Estimate at Completion (EAC) is __________ how much we spent to complete the project
If we know the Actual Cost of a WBS component, what other value do we need to know in order to calculate the cost performance index (CPI)? Earned Value (EV)
Cost Variance (CV) = Earned Value - ___________. Actual Cost (AC)
A _________ is a formal or informal meeting that shows evidence of project work that has been completed and work and provides a forum for surfacing issues, problems, decision-making. Project review
The project communications plan may be informal depending on the needs of the project stakeholders and the size of the project. True
A project metric should be obtained from observable, quantifiable data that allows the team and other stakeholders to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the work being done. True
A _____ refers to the activities, methods, materials, and measurements used to produce the product or service. process
The core values of quality programs proposed by Shewhart, Deming, Juran, Ishikawa, and Crosby include focus on the customer
Verification and validation of project deliverables should be carried out _____ throughout the project
Master Black belt is a role in what quality system? Six Sigma
Earned Value (EV) would be an example of a Project Metric
Gray box testing is a type of ____________? Unit testing
Verifying that the system satisfies the end customer's scope and detailed requirement specifications is ? Acceptance testing
Which of the following is a product-oriented activity that attempts to determine if the system or project deliverable meets the customer or client’s expectations? Validation
Project quality control is an expense that should be minimized and incurred primarily in the testing phase of a project. False
Taken together, the concepts of quality management, verification and validation, change control and knowledge management support the overall project quality management plan. True
Transforming the organization so it is aligned with the execution of the chosen corporate business strategy is _____. Change Management
___________ is the process of adapting to change and determines our ability to handle current and future change. Assimilation
People, Structure, Technology, and Task are elements of: Leavitt's Model of Organizational Change
The first step in the Change Management Plan is to _____, and entails defining the players and stakeholders involved in the change, their roles, and how they will interact with each other. assess willingness, readiness, and ability to change
The approach that takes the basic view that people are social beings and the that behavior can be changed by changing the groups core values, beliefs, and relationships. Normative-Reeducation Approach
The _____ manages conflict by suppressing it before it occurs or eliminating it as soon as possible. Traditional View of Conflict
Sometimes when a cooling off period is a wise choice, a person would use _____. Avoidance
_____ requires a willingness to engage in good-faith problem-solving that facilitates open and honest communication. Collaboration
Experience shows that it is easier to gain compliance for a new system than acceptance. True
Resistance should be anticipated from the beginning of the project and in fact there may be valid reasons for the resistance. True
Obtaining bids, quotes, proposals, literature, and other information from potential sellers or service providers refers to which of the following Project Procurement Management processes? Plan Procurements
Monitoring contract performance and making changes or taking corrective actions when needed refers to which of the following Project Procurement Management processes? Administer Procurements
A type of contract where the fixed price is negotiated or set as the final price for a specific product or service describes a: Fixed Price/Lump Sum contract
_____ is the procurement of products or services from an external vendor, supplier, or manufacturer. Outsourcing
Outsourcing core business functions is an example of the following common outsourcing mistake. Outsourcing activities that should not be outsourced
A contract is a document signed by the buyer and seller that serves as a legally-binding agreement that defines the terms, conditions, and remedies of the buyer-seller relationship. True
Which implemention approach usually entails the greatest level of risk especially if the system is not adequately tested? Direct Cutover
These projects can result from delays or an unclear scope or MOV. Perpetual
Demonstrating that all project deliverables have been completed occurs during _____. Project Evaluation
Premature project closure is always a characteristic of a failed project. False
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