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Scribe,Script (Root word) To write
Ascribe To Attribute
Nondescribe Lacking in distinctive qualities
Prescribe To write down a rule beforehand; in medicine, to order a treatment.
Proscribe To condemn or forbid aas harmful.
Subscribe To write one's name on an agreement, as to subscribe to a magazine; also, to support of give approval to an idea.
Sed,Sid,Sess (Root word) TO sit
Assiduous Sitting at something until it is finish.
Insidious Sitting in wait for ; treacherous, more dangerous thanseems evident.
Obsession A persistent, or idea, or emotion that cannot be got rid of by reasoning.
Sedentary Requiring much sitting
Subsidy Government fiancially
Spec, Spic, Spect (Root Word) To look
Auspicious Promising good luck;
Conspicuous Easy to notice; obvious
Despicable Looked down on; deserving to be despised; contemptible.
Perspicacious Having the ablity to look through something and understand it; Perceptive.
Specious Looking good on first sight but actually not so.
Speculate To reflect on or ponder.
Sub (Root word) Under
Subjugate To subdue or make subservient.
Subliminal Below the threshold of conscious perception.
Subpoena A legal order requiring a person to appear in court to give testimony.
Subsisitence The barest means to sustain life.
Subterfuge An action to used to advoid an unpleasant situation
Subversive Tending to undermine or overthrow.
Super ( Root Word) about, or above
Supercillious Eyebrows raised in a haughty, concieted way.
Superfluous Overflowing what is needed; extra.
Superimpose To lay somthing over something else.
Superstition A belief that is inconsistent with the know laws of science.
Surplus Above what is needed.
Syn,Sym,Syl (Root Word) Together, with
Syndrome A group of symptoms that run together and indicate a specific or condition.
Synergistic Working together, as when the joint action of two drugs increase the effectiveness of each.
Synopsis A brief general summary.
Syntax The way words are arranged to form sentences.
Synthesis The combining of separate elements into a whole.
Ten,Tain,Tin (Root Word) To hold
abstain To refrain delibrately from an action or practice by one's own choice.
Detain To hold back or keep in.
Obstinate Holding on stubborn
Pertain To belong to as a part, member accessory
Tenacious Presistent in maintain or holding onto something such as a point of view.
Tort (Root Word) To Twist
Distort To twist from the true meaning,as to distort the fact.
Extort To obtain by violence or threat
Torment To annoy
Tort A wrongful act
Torture Any servere physical or mental pain.
Ver (Root Word) True
Veracious Truthful; accurate.
Veracity Truthfulness.
Verdict The decision of a jury.
Verifiable Capable of being proved true.
Veritable True; actual.
Vert, Vers(Root Word) To turn
Adversity The state of being turned against; misfortune.
Aversion A turning away; extreme dislike.
Controversy Opinions turned against each other, a dispute.
Inadvertent Not turning ones mine to a matter.
Perverse Turned away from what is right or good. Disobedient.
Versatile Able to turn easily from one subject or occupation, competent in many fields.
Via (Root Word) Way
Deviation A turning aside from an established way.
Devious Strain away from the proper way. crooked basically.
Impervious No way through incapable of being passed through.
Obvious clearly visible, evidant.
Trivial Any unimportant matter.
Voc, Voke (Root Word) To call, or Voice
Advocate A person who pleads anothers behalf or for a cause.
Evoke To call forth as memories or feelings.
Invoke To call upon for aid or support.
Irrevocable Not capable of not being called back. Unalterable.
Vocation A calling, occupation or profession.
Vociferous Carrying a loud voice, noisey.
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