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Lesson 1

Key Terms

Basic Needs These are the things people cannot live without, such as food, shelter, and clothing.
Everyday Living What you experience on a typical day-whatever is a part of your routine, such as going to your job, attending church, cooking dinner, or walking your dog. Time management helps you make the most of everyday living.
Goals Things you hope to achieve in your life and work toward, getting a good job, completing your college degree, getting married owning your own home, or running in a moarathon.
Health The condition of your body and mind. A person can be in good health or in bad health, botyh physically and emotionally.
Moderation Not too much or too little of something; not going to an extreme in your pursuit of a goal.
Nutrition Obtained from food and used by our bodies for growth and maintaining good health.
Opportunity Cost What is lost by choosing one option instead of another. For example, the opportunity cost of choosing to take an afternoon nap might be a lost trip to the gym.
Sedentary A sedentary lifestyle is one that involves a lot of sitting around and not enough physical activity.
Stress Stress is a mental or physical tension caused by worry over problems we may be experiencing in life. Stress is a negative emotion.
Time as an investment The idea that spending time on a positive activity such as exercise, pursuit of a hobby, or volunteering will pay off in the long run with better physical and mental health.
Time Management Organizing and using your time in a way that allows you to meet your daily needs as well as your short and long-term goals with as little stress as possible.
Values What individuals or cultures think of as important in life, as having meaning, or as being desirable.
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