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Literary terms that cover ARMT ST. 3

nonfiction a text that is based on real people and real places and contains facts and truth
Biography a nonfiction text written about someone's life written by someone else
Autobiography a nonfiction text written about someone's life by that person
fiction a creative, imaginery text that contains characters, a setting, and a plot
play a text written to be performed on stage
novel a long, fictional text
Short story a short, fictional text
Science fiction A story with a future-based plot Often based on a scientific theory, like aliens
Realistic fiction A story set in the present that seems true May appear to be a nonfiction account
Historical fiction A story written about a period of history Often includes well-researched historical truths
Folktale A story passed down in a culture Often explains events in nature
Tall tale an exaggerated story
Myth A very old story told to explain something about nature or human behavior Often contains Greek and Roman gods and heroes
Legend An old story that is told as if it really happened, but is unlikely to be true Usually focused on an extraordinary person
Parable a brief story or poem that teaches a moral or lesson; Mainly uses people as characters
Fable A brief story that teaches a moral or religious lesson; Usually has speaking animals, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature as characters.
Poem Descriptive language to communicate meaning in an effective and powerful way.
Rhyme scheme the pattern of rhymes in the poem
Rhythm repeated patterns of sound
Refrain lines that are repeated.
stanza series of lines arranged together in a group or section.
Line like a sentence but in poetry
Quatrain a four-lined stanza
Couplet two consective lines of poetry that rhyme
ballad A poem that tells a story; Meant to be sung
Lyric poem A relatively short poem, typically rhyming, with one speaker who expresses thought and feeling
Ode A lyric poem of praise for something or someone
Elegy A poem that expresses sadness over death or the passing of time
Sonnet A rhymed poem with one speaker and consists of only 14 lines
Epic poem A poem with a long plot relating the adventures of a hero
Limerick A rhyming five-line poem with a rhyme scheme in which the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme and the third and fourth lines rhyme
Haiku A Japanese form of unrhymed poetry made up of three lines The first and last lines contain five syllables each, and the middle line contains seven syllables
Created by: littleengteacher