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Rutiri-Sprdsht Les 3

Organizing the Worksheet

Automatic page break: Excel inserts this whenever it runs out of room on a page (EX 69).
Copy: Duplicates the cell’s contents without affecting the original cell (EX 56.
Cut: The selected cell contents are placed as an item on the Clipboard and are removed from their original location (EX 56).
Fill: Copies a cells contents and/or formatting into an adjacent cell or range (EX 59).
Fill handle: Appears in the lower-right corner of the active cell or range, and is used to fill cells (EX 59).
Footer: Text that prints in the bottom margin of each page (EX 72).
Freeze pane: You select rows and/or columns to remain visible on the screen as the rest of the worksheet scrolls (EX 63).
Header: Text that prints in the top margin of each page (EX 72).
Landscape orientation: Worksheets printed in this orientation are wider than they are long (EX 68).
Paste: Places the last item from the Clipboard into the cell or range selected in the worksheet (EX 56).
Print area: Consists of the cells and ranges designated for printing (EX 69).
Scale: Enables you to resize a worksheet to pr int on a specific number of pages (EX 70).
Split: Divides the worksheet window into two or four panes that you can scroll independently (EX 64).
False If you paste data into cells with existing data, the pasted data appears after the existing data.
True The Fill commands are available only if you are coping data to cells adjacent to the original cell.
True Deleting a row or column erases the data in that row or column.
False Splitting creates two, three, or four panes in the worksheet.
True The spelling checker might not find all the misspellings or incorrectly used words in a worksheet.
What key do you press to copy data using the drag-and-drop method? Press the Ctrl key to copy data using the drag-and-drop method.
How do you keep the titles and column labels of a worksheet on the screen, no matter where the worksheet is scrolled. The Freeze Panes command keeps the titles and column labels of a worksheet on the screen no matter where the worksheet is scrolled.
What is the difference between a header and a footer? The header appears at the top of the printed page. The footer appears at the bottom of the printed page.
Created by: eva_rutiri