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Final Exam Resource2

Study guide for Final Exam Part II

What does CD stand for? compact disk
What does email stand for? electronic mail
This is the term used to describe knowing the capability of computers (what they can and cannot do). computer savvy
BLANK is data that has been summarized or edited (manipulated) for decision-making purposes. information
BLANK refers to what users “put into” a computer system and can be numerous types of data (i.e. numbers, symbols, letters, etc.). input
This type of computer fits next to a desk, on a desktop and/or can be carried around; aka PCs; used by individuals and businesses; may be connected to networks (groups of larger computers). microcomputer
This is also called an embedded computer and is a tiny, specialized microprocessor inside appliances & automobiles. microcontroller
This is aka a laptop; portable & lightweight; and has built-in devices. notebook computer
This is the term used to describe the transmission of data from a remote computer to a local computer. download
What does bps stand for? bits per second
What does FTP stand for? file transfer protocol
This type of link connects one web document or web page with related information. hypertext
This is a security feature that grants users with access to a server, site, network, document, etc.; usually displayed as asterisks or dots when entered. password
This is the 3-letter extension that describes a domain, such as gov, net, com, org. top level domain
This term describes the process of transmitting data from a local computer to a remote computer. upload
A computer that acts like a disk drive, storing the programs and data files shared by users on a LAN, is the BLANK server. database
In MS Access, a BLANK stores data about people, activities, items, and events. table
In MS Access, a BLANK is the smallest storage element that contains an individual data element within a record. field
In MS Access, a BLANK is complete set of related data about one entity or activity record
In MS Access, a BLANK organizes and formats data to be used as printable documents report
A BLANK happens when users restart a computer that is already on. warm boot
A BLANK happens when users turn on computers “on” system. cold boot
A BLANK is the software that manages a CPU. supervisor
This type of file is created by word processing. document
A BLANK is an operation such as storing, printing, or calculating. task
This type of file is created by spreadsheets. worksheet
What does GUI stand for? graphical user interface
Small pictorial figures that represent programs, data files, or procedures are called... icons
Lists of built-in commands and/or options from which to choose are called... menus
A BLANK runs across the top of the display window. title bar
Which bar is across the bottom of the Windows screen that contains the Start button? task bar
Which type of software simulates movement by rapidly displaying a series of still pictures, or frames? animation
In MS PowerPoint, a BLANK effects are the effects seen in the process of changing between slides. transition
This type of file is created by database management programs. database
In MS Excel, a BLANK is a rectangle formed by the intersection of a row and a column. cell
In MS Excel, a BLANK is a graph of data in the worksheet. chart
In MS Access, a BLANK is a major database object that stores all data in a subject-based table
In MS Excel, a BLANK is an equation that performs a calculation and displays the results in the cell. formula
In MS Access, a BLANK is a complete set of related data about one entity or activity. record
In MS Access, a group of tables make up a BLANK. database
This term describes moving within a document and one way to do this is by using a mouse with a wheel. scrolling
What does kb stand for? kilobyte
What does mb stand for? megabyte
What does gb stand for? gigabyte
This equals one trillion bytes. terabyte
The type of memory that temporarily stores instructions and data that the processor uses frequently to speed up processing is called... cache memory
This type of memory is part of the microprocessor; holds 8 to 256 KB; faster than Level 2 cache. L1 cache
This type of memory is external and holds 64 kb to 2 MB. L2 cache
This type of memory is on the motherboard; comes on very high-end computers; holds 2 to 8 MB. L3 cache
These are also called video cards, video RAM (VRAM), or video adapter; they convert signals from computer into video signals that can be displayed as images on a monitor. graphics cards
This is used for speakers and audio output; used to convert and transmit digital sounds through analog speakers, microphones, and headsets. sound card
This is for remote communication. modem card
This is for laptop computers; thin, credit card-size flash memory device sometimes used on laptop computers to expand capabilities, such as to access the Internet wirelessly. PC card
What does CPU stand for? central processing unit
What does ALU stand for? arithmetic logic unit
What are high-speed storage areas that temporarily store data during processing? registers
These are are electrical data roadways used to transmit bits within the CPU and between CPU and other motherboard components. buses
What converts AC to DC to run a computer? power supply
This is the term that describes disks and flash memory units; this type of memory is relatively permanent and nonvolatile. secondary storage
This is composed of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage medium. floppy disk
This is made up of thin, rigid metal, glass, or ceramic platters covered with a substance that allows data to be held in the form of magnetized spots. hard disk
This is an optical disk aka a compact disk. CD
This is an optical disk with extremely high capacity. DVD
This looks like a credit card but contains a microprocessor and memory chips and may function on three levels that includes credit, debit, and/or personal information. smart card
This describes integrated circuits with no moving parts. solid state technology
This term describes all the parts of an electronic circuit embedded on a single silicon chip. integrated circuit
In MS PowerPoint, BLANK effects are the special visual or sound effects used as objects are displayed on the screen or removed from view. animation
Created by: nicole.minor