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Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation Terminology

Internet A network of many different computers connected together
Links instantly connect to another page
Homepage of a Website the starting point of a website
URL Uniform Resource Locator
URL contains the domain name, also known web address, is the same as an IP address, but easier to remember than a list of numbers.
Domain names include extensions, can sometimes tell you about the website, and may be designed to fool you about the actual website content. Domain names are purchased.
Truncate in web address bar- remove levels of the web address until you get to the domain name, helps find the home page of the website, can find out more information about a website, helps to navigate through the website, helps tell if the website is valid.
CARS ust because information is located on the internet does not mean that it is valid/true. The acronym CARS will help you remember how to evaluate a website to check its validity.
Domain Extension .edu education
Domain Extension .k12 Kindergarten through 12th grade school
Domain Extension .org organization
Domain Extension .gov government
Domain Extension .mil military
.com commercial
Domain Extension .net network
Domain Extension .ac academic institutions
CARS C=Credibility author listed, credentials, contact information, FAQs
CARS A=Accuracy current date of site, reliable information, grammar/spelling check, dead links, facts checked
CARS R=Responsibility - information fair and objective, who wrote the information, when was site created, is site current, are links maintained
CARS S=Support support provided for information, sources listed, resources given, contact information (phone, address, email), easy to find way around site, long time to load
WEBSITE Menu located at the top of the screen, it has drop down menus that complete specific tasks
WEBSITE PARTS Web Browser The name of the application used to view/see web pages on a computer (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari)
WEBSITE PARTS Close/Minimize/Maximize Buttons Click on these buttons to make a web browser window close, disappear, or become full screen
WEBSITE PARTS Back/Forward Arrows Arrows will take you to previous web pages that you have looked at or show the next page
WEBSITE PARTS Web Address/URL Displays the Internet address of the page that is being displayed by the browser
WEBSITE PARTS Tab Each web page is on a separate tab
WEBSITE PARTS Favorites Saved bookmarks
WEBSITE PARTS Refresh Click this icon to see up-to-date information on the web page that you are on
WEBSITE PARTS Search The place where you can look for information on the Internet
WEBSITE PARTS Home Icon Will bring you back to your homepage
Created by: Ms. B.