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Nutr221 Minerals

Test 3

Used in iron assessment and indicates a SEVERE iron deficiency (when none is left, blood levels drop) chromium
Deficiency can cause a rare heart disorder known as Keshan Disease Selenium
Genetic disease that causes an excess of iron in the body (sometimes blood is drawn to keep down) Hemochromatosis
Component of the hormone thyroxine produced by the thyroid gland Iodine (Iodide)
Protein in muscle that causes iron Myoglobin
Excess can interfere with copper and decrease HDL levels Zinc
Best absorbed form of iron in food Heme (Animal based products)
Involved in a healthy immune system Zinc, Iodine(iodide), Iron, Selenium
Craving Non-food items such as clay and dirt Pica
Deficiency van cause delayed sexual maturation (affects taste perception) Zinc
Deficiency can decrease work performance and cause behavioral problems in children, In adults it can cause fatigue Iron
Iodized salt can prevent these diseases Goiter, Cretinism
Compounds in tea and coffee that interfere with iron absorbtion Polyphenols
Form of iron in plant foods Non-heme
Name of deficiency in infants caused by lack of iodide in pregnancy Cretinism
Vitamin that enhances iron absorption Vitamin C
Young children need to be carefully monitored during use of this product(s) Iron, Fluoride, Toothpaste, Vitamin-mineral supplements
Used in iron assessment and indicates an EARLY STAGE of iron deficiency Serum ferritin conc.
Genetic disease causes severe skin problems due to defect in Zinc absorbtion (either you have it or you don't, its not developmental) Acrodermatitis Enteropathica
Food sources include Nori, an ingredient used to make sushi (also in seafood) Iodine(iodide)
Name of the chemical compounds that separate into positive and negative ions in solution (fluid needs matched with electrolytes) Electrolytes, Chloride, Sodium
Good sources include milk and milk products Calcium
Having a BMI < 19 Risk factor for osteoporosis
Excessive intake from supplements could cause cardiac arrest Potassium, Magnesium
Disease that results in loss of bone density Osteoporosis
Involved helping the body maintain its proper temp. when exercising (or pregnant) Water
Hormone released in response to high levels of calcium in the blood Calcitonin
Hormone released in response to low levels of calcium in the blood Calcitriol
Major extracellular cation (+ charge telling how much fluid) Sodium
Sedentary lifestyle Risk factor for osteoporosis
In addition to bananas, good sources include other fruits and vegetables Potassium
Name of a sodium deficiency Hyponatremia
Calcium containing matrix in bones and teeth Hydrozyapatite
Cystic Fibrosis is caused by a defect in the transport of __________ out of the cells Chloride
Move from a low solute area to a high solute area across the cell membrane Osmosis
Major intacellular cation Potassium
High levels of sodium cause decreased production of Aldosterone
Mineral(s) that assist in normal regulation of blood pressure Calcium, Potassium, (both better, keep to normal) Sodium (bad, makes it high)
Excess of this mineral can lead to hypertension in some individuals Sodium
Component of ATP Phosphorus
Important pat of the bilayers in cell membranes Phosphorus
Loss of significant height due to curvature of the spine in osteoporosis Kyphosis
Main source is processed foods Sodium, Chloride, Phosphorus
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