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Exam3 Study Tool

Resource for Exam #3

A display device made up of two plates of glass separated by a layer of a substance in which light is manipulated is a… flat panel display
Which device uses light-sensing equipment to convert images of text, drawings, and photos into digital form? scanner
Data and information that is shown on a display screen is referred to as… softcopy
What term describes security devices that identify a person through fingerprint, voice integration or retinal-identification? biometrics
What technology allows tolls to be automatically charged to drivers' accounts when they pass tollbooths? RFID
What does RFID stand for? radio frequency identification device
What is the name of the device that produces digitized sounds like beeps, chirps, and music? sound output
What is the name of the device that converts digital data into speech-like sounds? voice output
A set of conventions that governs how data is exchanged between devices on a network is known as a… protocol
What is the name of a special computer that directs communicating messages when several networks are connected? router
Fill-in-the-blank: a ________ is a system of interconnected computers, telephones, or communications devices that can communicate and share resources. network
A computer that acts like a disk drive, storing the programs and data files shared by users on a LAN, is the ________ server. file
What is the term that describes a network that covers a city or a suburb? MAN
What does MAN stand for? metropolitan area network
What does LAN stand for? local area network
What does WAN stand for? wide area network
A network that operates without relying on a server is the ________ network. peer-to-peer
True or false: Antivirus software protects files and the computer system by searching the Internet for viruses. false
What type of communications signals are represented in a binary format? digital
Another name for image sharpness is ________. resolution
What is the technology in which television and video signals are sent to viewers using Internet protocols? Internet Protocol TV
What is the term that describes using a cellphone or PDA to send short messages to a pager, PDA, smartphone, or other handheld device? text messaging
The quality of a song on a digital audio player is determined by its ________, the number of times a song is measured and converted to a digital value. sampling rate
What is the name of a stand-alone unit that only sends and receives faxed documents? dedicated fax machine
What type of printer combines several capabilities? multifunction
What is the name of a specialized machine with special paper and color dyes? Photo printer
What is the name given to a large-scale inkjet printer used by graphic artists? Large format plotter
True or False? In MS Access, some commands are the same as in Excel or Word. true
In MS Access, a table stores data about people, activities, items, and events: true or false? true
In MS Access, a record is complete set of related data about one entity or activity: true or false? true
In MS Access, a report organizes and formats data to be used as printable documents: true or false? true
In MS Access, a field is the smallest storage element that contains an individual data element within a record: true or false? true
What is the term given to describe a cyber villain who break into computers to steal or destroy information or to use it for illegal profit? black hat hacker
In MS Access, what is the prefix naming convention for a table? tbl
In MS Access, what is the prefix naming convention for a form? frm
What type of network uses short-range wireless technology to connect devices? personal area network
What type of network uses wired, cable, or wireless connections to link digital devices? home area network
What is the type of e-mail bomb that is tied to when a specific event occurs? logic bomb
Created by: nicole.minor