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Lesson 2&3 RJ Bee

Abilities Natural or acquired skills or talents.
Advancement In terms of a career, an effort one makes (or a milestone one achieves) in bettering one's career.
Aptitude An inherent ability or talent.
Benefits Entitlements, such as health or life insurance available in accordance with a wage agreement, insurance policy, or program.
Career A chosen pursuit, profession, or occupation.
Career Path A planned progression of jobs within one or more professions throughout one's working life.
Cost of Living The average cost of life's basic necessities, such as shelter, food, and clothing.
Cover Letter A letter you send with your résumé to provide more information about you.
Education The process of acquiring knowledge and developing skills, often through formal education resulting in a specialized degree.
Entry Level Indicates a job accessible to a person who is inexperienced in a particular field.
Job A regular activity performed in exchange for payment.
Résumé A brief account of one's work experience and qualifications.
Salary A fixed compensation paid regularly for services.
Skills Proficiency acquired through training or experienced.
Standard of Living A level of material comfort as measured by goods, services, and luxuries.
Budget An itemized summary of probable expenditures and income for a given period.
Deficit The amount by which expenditures exceed income.
Fixed Expense An unchanging expenditure.
Flexible Expense An expenditure that varies.
Income Money received.
Savings Money that is not spent.
Surplus An amount of money remaining after all expenses have been met.
Take-Home Pay Money received after all adjustments and deductions are made.
Unexpected An unforeseen cost.
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