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___ is the fluid that leaves the blood capillaries and is not directly returned to the blood. Lymph
Lymph from about three fourths of the body drains into the ___ Thoracic duct
Lymph from the right upper extremity and the right side of the head drains into the ___ Right lymphatic duct
An abnormal condition in which tissue swells because of accumulation of lymph is called ___ Lymphedema
The enlarged, pouchlike structure in the abdomen that serves as a storage area for lymph is called the ___ Cisterna Chyli
The function of the ___ is to filter and clean the lymph Lymph Node
The many lymphatic vessels that enter the lymph node are called ___ vessels; the single vessel leaving the lymph node is called the ___ vessel Afferent, efferent
The ___are white blood cells that mature in the thymus. The thymus also produces a hormone called ___ T-lymphocytes, Thymosin
The three pairs of tonsils are the ___, ___, and ___ Palatine, Pharyngeal, Lingual
The largest lymphoid organ is the ___ Spleen
The signs of ___ are heat, redness, pain, and swelling Inflammation
___ kills target cells by drilling holes in their plasma membrane, which disrupts the sodium and water balance. Complement fixation
Macrophages were originally ___ that migrated into the tissues Monocytes
A hypersensitivity of the immune system to a harmless environmental antigen is called an ___ Allergy
An extreme allergic reaction causing life-threatening symptoms is called ___ Anaphylactic shock
An inappropriate and excessive response to self-antigen is called ___ Autoimmunity
Erythroblastosis is an example of what excessive immune reaction? ___ Isoimmunity
An attempt to identify and match HLAs between the organ donor and the recipient is called ___ Tissue typing
A congenital immune deficiency in which both humoral and cellular immunity are defective is called ___ SCID
The cause of AIDS is ___ HIV
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