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Junior Show 2013

Questions for Showmanship 2013

What are warm-blooded vertebrates called whose young feed on milk produced by their mother's mammary glands? mammals
Name three types (not breeds) of dogs included in the AKC Sporting Dogs Group. pointers, setters, retrievers, spaniels
Name the AKC Dog Group whose breeds were developed for serving humans by pulling sleds, carts, performing water rescues, and guarding property and livestock. working
Name the AKC Dog Group whose breeds were developed to dig out small animals chased underground by tracking hounds. terriers
What breed of dog supposedly originated in Germany but is regarded as the national dog of France? standard poodle
What are two of the seven groups of dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club called? sporting, hounds, working, terriers, toy, non-sporting, herding, miscellaneous
What type of ear carriage does the Bassett Hound have? drop ear
What type of eye shape does the Cocker Spaniel have? round, full or globular
What type of scissors would be best to use in trimming excess hair from a dog’s pads? blunt-end scissors
Why should you brush all tangles and mats from a dog’s coat before bathing it? water makes them tighter and harder to get out
What is the name of the coat type that has a hard, coarse and wiry texture? wire-haired or broken coat
What do you use a chamois cloth for when grooming dogs with short hair? used to polish and shine coats
What are two reasons why all dogs should be brushed? remove dead hair and distribute oil to the ends of the hair
What is the most important nutrient you can provide to your dog? water
What is the term called when you pose your dog in the show ring without using your hands? free stacking
How many chromosomes does a dog have? 78
How many active toes or digits does a dog have on each foot? 4
What is a “whelp”? verb - to give birth to puppies and noun- refers to unweaned puppy
Name the first species of animals domesticated by humans. dog
What breed of dog was originally bred to scent and flush out badgers? dachshund
What does the word Shih Tzu mean? lion
How many dogs perform exercises together in the Brace class? 2
What is the name of the dog sport that follows a course from one sign to the next, with the handler and dog performing the skills listed on each sign before moving on to the next? rally
In AKC rules, what does “and/or” mean? it can be both a verbal command and a signal
Training your dog for showmanship consists of what two parts? stacking and gaiting
Which front leg should you position first when stacking your dog? judge's side first
What is the first and most important step in stacking your dog? getting control of your dog's head
What external parasite transmits Lyme Disease? deer tick
How can hookworm larvae be transmitted from a mother to her puppies? through the dam's milk
What is the most common internal parasite found in dogs called? roundworms
What are three (3) signs a dog might show if he has been poisoned? cries, crouching, vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, hard breathing, convulsions, or coma
What part of a dog food label lists the minimum levels of crude protein and crude fat, and the maximum levels of crude fiber and moisture? guaranteed analysis
What human food contains the ingredient, theobromine, which interferes with a dog’s heart function, and should never be fed to a dog? chocolate
What does it mean to feed your dog “free choice”? make food freely available
What is the term called that defines the length of pregnancy from conception to whelping? gestation
What is the range of the normal body temperature of a dog? 100.5 - 102.5
Within what time frame should a puppy be born after the start of hard labor? 20 minutes and 1 hour
At what age are puppies typically weaned from their mother? 6 - 7 weeks
What does the term “crop” mean? to remove part of the dog's ear leather
What are the longer, stiffer hairs called that are not seasonally shed like the undercoat? primary or guard hairs
What is one way to take your dog’s heart rate? put finger behind left elbow, hand on chest, or finger on femoral artery
Name three (3) kinds of agility tunnels. hoop, crawl, open, or closed/chute
What part of a dog’s foot bears most of his weight? large metacarpal pad
What is the largest and most visible organ of a dog’s body? skin
How do dogs cool themselves? panting
What does it mean when a dog “blows coat?” shedding
What is the best-developed sense in a newborn puppy? touch
What defines the range of vision in dogs? shape of their heads
What does it mean to use positive reinforcement? using praise and rewards for a desired behavior
What is the name of the body posture in which a dog communicates confidence and dominance if confronted? He is preparing to attack. offensive threat
Created by: bazs1234