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WHHS Vocabular y #1

Romeo & Juliet #1

heretic a belief which is against the principles of a particular religion
wormwood a plant that yields a bitter extract used to flavor absinthe and formerly as a medicine for intestinal worms
hoodwinked trick somebody: to deceive or dupe somebody, especially by trickery
nuptial relating to marriage or weddings.
rapier long, slender sword
choler one of the four basic fluids (humors) of the body according to medieval medicine, thought to make somebody whose body contained too much of it prone to anger and irritability
banished to exile somebody from a place, or send somebody to another place officially as a punishment
lamentation an act or expression of grief or sorrow
fickle changeable, especially as regards one’s loyalties
charnel-house a building or vault in which corpses or bones were piled
dirge a mournful song, piece of music, or sound, especially for the dead
apothecary a person who prepared and sold medicines
amorous strongly moved by love
visor mask
doff remove; take off
repose to take a rest
rancour hatred; bitter deep-seated ill will
jauncing to walk or move in a spirited manner
sirrah servant
woo to date
Created by: zanopat