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Cusomter Support

In a help desk that uses the multilevel support model, the goal is to handle as many calls at the lowest possible support level. True
One way to organize user support services in a way that provides a single point of contact for an organization’s workers or customers is to use ____. a help desk
The goal of incident logging in the Incident Management process is to begin to document the incident and the problem. True
The goal of the multilevel support model is to handle most support incidents at ____. the lowest support level
An incident’s priority code is based on the number of incidents in a queue ahead of it. False
Software designed specifically for a highly specialized industry is called ____. vertical market software
A software evaluation copy is a limited, trial version that permits a user to try out a product’s features and assess its ability to meet user needs. True
In the weighted point evaluation method, ease of learning and ease of use are examples of which kind of criteria? a) Support issues b) Cost c) End-user needs d) Hardware/software features End-user needs
Benchmark tests on competing products can be used to select ____. a) Support issues b) Cost c) End-user needs d) Hardware/software features both hardware and software products
Subjective evaluation criteria are those in which a neutral evaluator should be able to reach the same conclusion as another evaluator. False
Although users may not know the exact or correct answers to an analyst’s questions, it is important for an analyst to begin with the right list of questions. True
An optimal solution is a solution in a needs assessment project that solves a problem in a reasonable way, but not necessarily the best way. False
Which of these is not a primary step in the needs analysis and assessment process? A) Decision B) Preparation C) Purchase D) Investigation Purchase
A narrative or diagram that explains the structure and operation of a new or existing computer system is called a ____. model
A turnkey system is a package that includes hardware, software, and support services from a single vendor. True
Unlike a question in a knowledge and skills test, there is only one correct answer to a scenario question in a job interview. False
Which of these proficiencies (KSAs) would a user support manager usually not specify in a position description for a user support position? A) Internet and Web skills B) Communications and interpersonal skills C) Marketing ability D) Hardware+OS+Softw Marketing ability
A budget is a financial plan that translates the goals in a mission statement into a strategy to meet the goals. True
Which of these support management concerns directly affects the support staff’s job? A) The support mission statement B) Staffing the support group C) Support performance measures D) All of the above All of the above
Which of these is not a common method used to conduct a user satisfaction survey? A) Mailed questionnaire B) Face-to-face interview C) Email or Web survey D) Follow-up telephone call Face-to-face interview
Which of these aspects of help desk operation would not normally be covered in a user support mission statement? A) Operational efficiency of users B) Customer satisfaction C) Effectiveness of help desk services D) Help desk fees for services Help desk fees for services
Scope creep is a tendency for a project to grow or change in unexpected ways, which often increases the time frame, resources, and cost to complete the project. True
Which does not normally occur during the first step in the incident management process? A) Ask the name of the caller. B) Verify that the caller is authorized to call. C) Provide the name of the support specialist. D) All of these can occur Verify that the caller is authorized to call.
Although end users benefit from training, help desk staff are generally self-taught and usually do not benefit from an ongoing training program. False
Most computer industry product standards have evolved over time but are now in place, and future changes are unlikely. False
Authentication is an incident management step to determine whether it is appropriate for a help desk to handle a user’s incident. True
Escalation is an unfortunate incident management step that indicates lower level tier help desk agents have failed to perform their responsibilities. False
Which category of help desk incident is “My computer runs slowly when I access the Internet with a modem in the evenings”? A) A question B) A complaint C) A problem D) A work order A problem
During the ____ step in the incident management process, an incident is categorized as a request for information, a question, a problem, a complaint, or a work order. incident screening
A help desk software package that includes asset management can help a support staff control ____. A) the support staff budget B) software bug reports C) an organization’s equipment inventory D) the help desk’s personnel functions an organization’s equipment inventory
The purpose of benchmarks and weighted point evaluation methods is to make the product selection process as ____ as possible. objective
In the weighted point evaluation method, the product that is usually selected is the one with ____. A) the score closest to the benchmark B) the lowest overall score C) the highest overall score D) the score with the lowest cost the highest overall score
Organizations that can use off-the-shelf, industry standard computer software may reduce their support costs because support services and related products are widely available for bestselling software. True
The weighted point evaluation method of product comparison attempts to treat competing products equally and eliminate favoritism or bias among evaluators. True
RFP stands for ____. A) request for proposal B) required federal pricelist C) regular floating-point processor D) relational forms procedure request for proposal
The stakeholders in a project who make the final decisions and provide the financing for the project are usually ____. A) IT staff B) support analysts C) managers D) end users managers
When investigating alternatives in a user needs assessment project, a decision to reconfigure existing software is an example of a(n) ____. A) new hardware system B) change to an existing system C) new software system D) upgrade to an existing system change to an existing system
Before an analyst recommends replacing an existing system, he or she should investigate successful systems in operation in other, similar organizations. True
In a user needs assessment project, hardware requirements should be considered first before software is considered. False
A schematic diagram that uses symbols to represent the parts of a system is a(n) ____. A) Gantt chart B) flowchart C) I-P-O chart D) modeling tool flowchart
Which of these ways of organizing a support center has both an expense budget and an income budget? A) Profit center B) Income center C) Cost center D) Expense center Profit center
Which of these can be examined for industry certification? A) User support groups B) IT professionals C) Help desk and support agents D) Any of these Any of these
Entry-level help desk staff are usually not concerned with performance measures and the justification of help desk services; performance and justification are primarily management responsibilities. False
A user satisfaction survey is a questionnaire that measures how satisfied users are with the support services they receive. True
The percentage of incidents where a user hung up or gave up before a support agent responded is called the abandonment rate. True
A professional association is a labor union that represents the interests of a group of agents who work for an organization. False
Help desk operations retain an archive of previously resolved incidents in a knowledge base to document the steps to resolve each incident as an information resource to help desk agents. True
In a cost-benefit analysis, the fact that an up-to-date computer system would increase employee morale is probably a(n) ____ benefit. A) satisficing B) employee C) intangible D) direct intangible
List all 5 steps in Project Management 1) Project Definition 2) Project Planning 3) Project Implementation 4) Project Monitoring 5) Project Termination
Organizations that have specialized software needs generally select products from among the mass market, bestselling products. False
In a cost-benefit analysis, the payback period is ____. A) time for the benefits to exceed the costs B) time for the costs to equal zero C) time for the costs to exceed the benefits D) time for the benefits to equal zero the time it takes for the benefits to exceed the costs
Industry standard software designed to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of users across a wide variety of industries is called vertical market software. False
Some help desk operations use a script to guide an agent through the steps in the incident management process True
A service level agreement is a contract between a help desk agent and his or her manager that specifies the percentage of incidents the agent will handle correctly during each work shift. False
One factor that often determines product and support standards is an organization’s computer culture. False
What form of communication between a user and an agent is asynchronous? Email
The purpose of prescreening an incident is to: Determine the type of incident and how the help desk staff will handle it
The goal of computer product standards is to define a clear, one-product-fits-all-needs approach to product selection. False
Public organizations are often required to select computer products from vendors who submit the most cost-effective bid or competitive response to an RFP. True
The incident management step in which a closed incident is stored for later use in a knowledge base of solved problems is called: Archive the incident
A benchmark test of competing products is designed to use objective evaluation criteria instead of an evaluator’s personal opinions. True
An objective test or measurement that computer product evaluators use to compare two or more products is: a benchmark
When a support staff selects general office productivity software such as word processors or spreadsheets, they often use which decision strategy? Industry standard products
In help desk jargon, ACD stands for: Automated Call Dstributor
In a help desk that uses the multilevel support model, the highest level of support is the most knowledgeable and experienced, so it usually handles most of the incidents False
Which of these product evaluation methods uses several criteria of predefined importance to arrive at a numerical score for each competing product? Weighted point method
The process of updating the information about an incident as it is processed and as information is added to the incident record is called incident ____ Tracking
A well-defined, formal procedure that help desk staff follow to solve user problems is called: Incident Management
This is a measure of the dispersion of a set of data from its mean Standard Deviation
Which of the following is not a common type of certification used in the information technology field? Verification of prior employment during a job interview
A satisficing solution is a solution in a needs assessment project that solves a problem in a reasonable way, but not necessarily the best way. True
Economic feasibility determines whether there are specific budget limitations on a project decision. True
Is the ability to identify a worker whose performance has fallen below industry standards a primary benefit of computer industry certification? False
A cost-benefit analysis is a side-by-side comparison of the expenses associated with a project and its advantages to an organization or a user. True
A needs assessment tool that breaks a procedure into input, processing, and output steps is called a(n): I-P-O chart
Another name for an input form is a source document. True
A list of events or activities recorded in the sequence in which they occur is called a(n): log
A primary purpose of help desk performance statistics is to justify the value and expense of support services True
User support managers monitor several aspects of their support operation, including the percentage of calls that were abandoned by the user. True
Standard Deviation is the total numbers divided by how many numbers there are in a data set. False
A short narrative statement that describes the objectives, scope, methods, participants, deliverables, and timeline for a needs assessment project is a: Project Charter
____ feasibility considers when a computer system must be operational as well as other project scheduling requirements. Timeline
In smaller organizations, support specialists may perform some user support management tasks, such as project leader, supervisor, or user support manager True
One purpose of user support staff training is to help agents meet the performance objectives of their position True
A user support mission statement usually states how an organization’s business transactions will be processed on a corporate computer system False
The average time it takes a help desk to respond to incidents is referred to as: Wait time
A project planning tool that shows basic information about each project task as horizontal bars on a timeline graph is called a: Gantt chart
Which of the following kinds of questions gives an applicant for a help desk position a specific problem to solve that is representative of situations that help desk agents actually encounter? Scenario question
A priority code of 1 would be the lowest level of priority. False, Cisco priority code 1 is the highest
As an incident proceeds keeping a record is called: Tracking
If an incident requires more expertise to be handled it should be: Escalated
Resolving the incident is the last step in the incident management process. False, closing and archiving come after.
Incidents cannot be resolved until the client is satisfied. False, clients are assholes
Closing the incident involves placing the data collected from it into a database. False, putting into a database is archiving.
A help desk agent tool might be a problem solution knowledge base which may be based on artificial intelligence and neural networks. Apparently true
Automated call distributors (ACD) offer the client poor customer service True, ACDs are bullshit
What is IVR? Interactive Voice Response
Acknowledged Subjective Criteria is a decision making tool? True, often used by smaller organizations
Feasibility study investigates constraints that impact a project true
_____: a participant in a needs analysis project who might gain or lose from its success or failure Stakeholder
_____: : expected results from a project that are difficult to quantify or measure Intangible benefits
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