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Grad Marketing ch 17

Integrated Marketing Communications

Coordination of promotion and other marketing efforts for maximum informational and persuasive impact Integrated Marketing Communications
A sharing of meaning through the transmission of information Communication
A person or organization with a meaning it tries to share with a receiver or an audience. Source
the individual, group, or organization that decodes a coded message Receiver
Converting meaning into a series of signs or symbols Coding Process
the medium of transmission that carries the coded message from the source to the receiver Communications Channel
Anything that reduces a communication's clarity and accuracy Noise
the receivers response to a decoded message Feedback
The limit on the volume of information a communication channel can handle effectively Channel Capacity
Communication to build and maintain relationships by informing and persuading on or more audiences Promotion
Demand for a product category rather than for a specific brand Primary Demand
Promotion that informs consumers about a new product Pioneer Promotion
Demand for a specific brand Selective Demand
A combination of promotional methods used to promote a specific product Promotion Mix
Communicating through the movement of head, eyes, arms, hands, legs, or torso Kinesic Communication
Communicating by varying the physical distance in face-to-face interactions Proxemic Communication
Communicating through touching Tactile Communication
Promoting a product only to the next institution down the marketing channel Push Policy
Promoting a product directly to consumers to develop strong consumer demand that pulls products through the marketing channel Pull Policy
Personal informal exchanges of communication that customers share with one another about products, brands, and companies Word-of-mouth communication
An attempt to incite publicity and public excitement surrounding a product through a creative event Buzz Marketing
A strategy to get consumers to share a marketers message, often through e-mail or online videos, in a way that spreads dramatically and quickly Viral Marketing
The strategic location of products or product promotions within entertainment media content to reach the products target market Product Placement
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