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ST210 T1

Liz ST210 T1 over Intro to ST

1. Perfected the heart lung machine Cooley
2. T/F - A red line indicated the border bt restricted and unrestricted True
3. Which is not a restricted area PACU
4. What type of field is ST considered Allied Health
5. T/F - The operating room is relatively quiet, temp controlled, and brightly lit. True
6. T/F - JCAHO defines ST further as a paraprofession which states that to be a ST one must complete a training program at or above the HS level or its equivalent, typically lasting 1 to 2 years False (This definition isn't complete).
7. T/F - A working condition for a ST is to be able to stand for extended periods of time, lift, and move heavy objects. True
8. JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations
9. Who monitors pt's vitals AP (Anesthesia Provider)
10. Who might check the credentials of the CFA that was not an employee of the hospital Medical Staff Committee
11. Creates a sterile field STSR
12. Prepares and applies sterile dressing STSR
13. T/F - Suggestions and problem solving are examples of professionalism True
14. Its purpose is to ensure that surgical technologists have the knowledge and skills required to administer pt care of the highest quality AST
15. Who would primarily schedule surgeries for OR Unit Secretary
16. Who makes daily room assignments OR Mgr
17. A sale representative that wanted to demonstrate a product would contact whom first Director of Surgical Services
18. Who has final say concerning the care of the pt*** Surgeon***
19. Sets the tone of the room Surgeon
20. T/F - The anesthesia provider could be a physician or RN trained in anesthesia True
21. T/F - Gas outlets are physical components of the OR True
22. Where would a specimen primarily be sent Pathology
23. The ___ plan is in which the ORs are situated along a central corridor Hotel
24. Color code for nitrous oxide Blue
25. Which gas could be used for power instruments on the field Nitrogen
26. Used for counted sponges Kickbucket
27. Elective Surgical intervention that does not have to be performed immediately or within a relatively short period of time; can be scheduled at a future date - EX. A torn meniscus in the knee
28. The ventilation system in the OR is ___ pressure air flow Positive
29. Humidity in the OR is kept bt ___ 50-55%
30. Which filters are are preferred for operating room ventilation system HEPA
31. Pathogens in body fluids would be which kind of hazard Biological
32. T/F - Ionizing radiation can have therapeutic as well as harmful effects True
33. T/F - Standard precautions state that blood and certain body fluids from all patients should be considered potentially infections for HIV, HBC, and other blood borne pathogens True
34. Commonly known as bone cement Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)
35. Making the environment hostile to an organism Antibiosis
36. What is a precaution from injury while using a laser in surgery Laser Face Mask
37. T/F - Source of radiation could be portable X-ray machines or the fluoroscope (C-Arm) True
38. Which lead device is not available Shoe covers
39. Which fire extinguisher is dry chemical Class B
40. Which is NOT one of the components of fire Soot
41. Where are IVs usually started Pre-op Holding Area
42. An inflamed gallbladder would be considered Urgent
43. Torn cartilage in the knee would be considered Elective
44. Which is an unrestricted area Front desk, Waiting Area, PACU, and Lounge
45. Prepares and applies dressings STSR
46. Primarily responsible for skin prep of the pt Circulator
47. NOT a professional character trait Ability to work quickly (Skills competency, Ability to obey rules, Spirit of cooperation all are)
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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